House MD: The Genius Doctor Who Changed The Lives Of Every Patient


Umang Dayal

I am sure that you have heard the phrase ‘Everybody Lies’. Well, that’s true if you ask me. This is the phrase you will be repeating day and night after watching House MD.

There are big lies and as tiny as my ‘My dog ate my homework. If this phrase sounds interesting, then let me tell you about the genius Dr. House who invented this phrase.

Dr. House MD The Genius Doctor

Dr. Gregory House, a diagnosis specialist at the fictional ‘Princeton – Plainsboro Teaching Hospital’ says it all the time in this medical series that goes up to eight seasons.

House MD revolves around the life of Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie, who is a narcissistic genius of a doctor.

Hugh Laurie as House MD
Credits: New York Daily News

He lives a resentful life due to his crippled state, but he eats McDreamy for breakfast and shits McSteamy at sundown.

Dr. House MD is the super cool doctor that rides a sports bike to a hospital with a really slick stand to hold his cane. Yes, he’s a cripple but beating impossible odds is what this series is all about.

Diagnostics Team Of House MD

House MD Team

He manages a team of doctors and they basically fish for the impossible cases to solve and they get shit done. I kid you not.

His friends are Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Dean)  and Dr. James Wilson (Head of Oncology dept.).

Dr. Gregory House: The Coolest Docter Ever

House MD jokes
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He has frequent conversations with both and loves to piss both of them. This occurs mostly because he isn’t ethical by nature.

But, Dr. House is a man who can do literally anything to save a patient’s life even break medical rules if he has to.

But it doesn’t end there. House is the real definition of Sarcasm.

His dialogues won’t just make you laugh but will get you to rewind and watch it again. Let me tell you another thing.

He’s savage. Not just slyly insulting the Dean of medicine savage but jumping off the window of an eighth-floor room for a cannonball savage.

Now if you are a sucker for sarcasm and savagery, this show is where you need to spend those binge watch nights.

Dr. House will give a reality check in a way that you will hate and love him at the same time.

House MD is filled with different plots that will bring out goosebumps and suspense on what will happen next will keep you pumped up throughout eight seasons.

People don’t always come up to you and tell you how useless you might be or how dumb you are being, so here you go, a fictional character is going to tell you the right and wrong.

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