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Hey you party people, Leave them introverts alone!


Sonia Sali

Introversion, where mind meets the soul

I don’t know when? but it feels like ages. I became a stranger to myself, a prisoner in my own body, a wanderer in my own streets and a vagabond in my own mind.

I hardly wanted to be with people or escape the four walls of the prison that I was locked in, even though people called it a prison, I called it home. And called it the heaven of my spirit and a thrill in my veins. I love being here.

Gradually, I forgot the fact that people existed to give you social company, lived in my prison for ages now that I came to a point of losing my idea of the world around me. I lost it, I don’t like it anymore. I don’t love to see the crowded streets, the screeching vehicles, and the chattering people.

There is nothing more sweet and calm than the serenity of the four walls of my prison, viz home! While I was here, I always had my happy mind, a company to my aching heart, my passionate spirit stayed within me and kept me going. I am lost in this world and I love it here. I am not leaving these walls nor these streets.

Introversion, the feeling that needs to be accepted


Introversion is not about being shy, lost or hurt, it’s a trait, it’s something that a person is and something that can’t be forced to change. You can’t ask black to turn white or white to turn black. The same is in the case of Introversion.

The society often labels them as shy, left outs, obstinate, and boring but their thoughts run differently. That’s what they are and no one has the right to ask them to change. While extroverts are widely accepted in the world around, introverts are pressurised.

Most of them are bombarded with questions like, “Why are you like this? “Why don’t see the joy in laughing out with people?”, “Why don’t you socialize?” and of course it is an endless list. It is indeed quite unfair that extroverts and ambiverts are left to be the way they are but the introverts are always forced into things that they don’t want. The world can never leave them alone.

When introverts sit at the corner of the class, all alone and silent or when they stare into the distance and lose their minds. When they write a poem at the far corner of a room or when they walk alone down a street, it doesn’t mean that they are depressed, alone or lost.

Introversion, the joy of your own company


They aren’t all by themselves, they aren’t upset that all the world is not by their side and tickling them to laugh and throw their heads into the air. It’s just that they love being left to themselves.

They feel peculiar joy when they stick to themselves; they feel a great party within themselves when they stare into the distance and lose their senses. Finally into the euphonious music of the air and all serenity.

But there is no point in explaining this, people would just not understand the fact that Introverts are happy when left alone. Unlike the extroverts and ambiverts, introverts survive better in solitude than among crowds of chattering and noise. They feel themselves and enjoy to the core when they are far, far away from reality.

It is quite a hard task to survive with a personality trait as that of an introvert. All your life you are pestered to be like other and never encouraged to be the one you actually are. People don’t understand that just like being around with people is joyous to an extrovert, being to oneself is joyous to an introvert.

Introversion, the space that they deserve


The very moment they find time to escape the sights and sounds of the hectic day and flee somewhere to enjoy the music and company of their mind. But the world interprets this act as an extremely strange case of depression and being left out. But it’s not. Give them their space. Let them enjoy what they love.

When they refuse to approach people and hit a conversation, it doesn’t mean that they are shy, retiring, stubborn or rude but it’s just that they are happy with themselves. They don’t see the point of gathering too much people and crowding in their lives.

This is what they feel and that’s how the society should accept them and not push them to act like an extrovert. Acting out a particular personality creates conflicts in the mind and gradually leads the individual into a state of dilemma and confusion. Why do we have to let these feelings into our life?

Let the introvert live his life the way he wants it. When we let extroverts and ambiverts portray themselves the way they are, its high time we treat the introverts in the same way. It’s just the difference in the way they socialize and not the way they feel about the world around them.

You are not treating them wrong, you aren’t isolating them. Nor avoiding them, it’s just that they need their space and when you do, they are at their best. Let’s understand them. Let the introverts live in peace!!!

Sonia Sali is a budding writer, her thoughts run deeper and she knows how to channel them into words. Do visit her awesome blog and read more of her amazing articles.

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