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Hair Care: 10 Do’s & Don’ts For Taking Care Of Your Hair


Varidhi Yadav

Ever got that feeling that you can dominate the whole world on that perfect hair day? Yep, same. But it’s not easy taking care of your hair without complete knowledge.

So, I’m going to list the do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind while taking care of your hair.

Don’ts: Firstly, let’s focus on the things you need to avoid

1. Shampoo


No not the whole concept of shampooing your hair. But use a little shampoo and dilute it in water before applying because it can ruin your hair with its harshness if used directly.

Besides that, for the sake of your hair don’t be too hard on your hair. Once you have put the shampoo, very gently massage every part of your hair. Don’t just focus on one part, apply it everywhere from the base to the tip.

2. Conditioners

Do not put conditioner on your scalp directly, it is the main freaking reason for your hair fall. Also only put conditioner at the tip and the dry places needed.

Be patience and wait for good two to five minutes for your hair to absorb all the conditioner for better results.

3. No blow dry

No blow dry

Don’t blow dry your hair until you really need to. Letting them dry naturally will keep your hair strong from the base and soft because the hot air can make your hair brittle.

Also, if you really have to blow dry then when you are done with it, use cold air to close the cuticles.

4. Rubbing

Don’t dry your hair by rubbing it. That can legitly increase your hair fall to another level than a tear will from your eyes when you see it.

Use a microfiber towel to soak the excess water from your hair and then remove the towel but don’t rub your hair for God’s sake.

5. Brushing your hair

Don’t brush your hair when wet. Your hair are the weakest when they are wet. It will increase the hair fall ten times than usual making the volume lesser.

I know the locks in the wet hair can be very annoying and your OCD kicks in and you really need to get rid of it but you need to control your urge and let it be.

6. Avoid plastic brushes

Avoid plastic brushes

Avoid using plastic brushes or the one with the plastic bristles and anything which can create static in your hair. It has the ability to take away all that soft and smooth quality of your hair and make it dry all over again.

Use the wooden ones instead of with the soft bristles that will take really good of your hair.

7. Tight ponytails

Don’t tie your hair super tight. There are times like when you are working out or doing some other heavy and physical work where you don’t want your hair, and all that baby hair which don’t fit in your ponytails, to bother you.

So you put a really tight hair tie and a clip to keep them together but that is not healthy for your hair. Also, don’t use rubber bands, please. You will lose all your hair with it, literally.

8. Avoid over styling

Firstly, don’t ever, ever style your wet hair. You think they will dry with the heat? I don’t know about that but the hair will definitely come off. I guess you don’t want that, huh?

Also, avoid using heat appliances at the same point. If you wish to style your hair like straighten or curl them then don’t blow dry them, wait for them to naturally dry.

9. Sleepy hair

Sleepy hair

You are a mess when you wake up and that’s okay it will take you like twenty minute to get yourself together. But if your hair is a mess then it will take you a whole lot.

So please, don’t sleep with open hair, tie them or make a bun or plaits. Also, use a silk pillow cover so your hair can flow freely and not become dry with all the friction.

10. Swim well

Swimming is so much fun but not so much for your hair. The chlorine in the water can ruin the hell out of your hair especially if you color your hair. Don’t go in the water just like that.

Use coconut oil to coat your hair. So you can peacefully swim without worrying about your hair. Also, always wash your hair after a swim with shampoo, conditioner, and all that jazz.

Do’s: Now, let’s focus on the things you need to do.

1. Regular haircuts

Regular haircuts

Make sure you make an appointment with your stylist at regular intervals. Not a week or day early and not a week or day late.

This step is very important for healthy hair considering the process of trimming eliminates the damaged hair and those stubborn split ends so your hair can grow all flowy and smooth for the base to the bottom.

2. Brush your hair

Brush your hair

I know not brushing the hair is like the new cool these days. It is some weird competition of who hasn’t touched a hairbrush in how long but you know what? you’re ruining your hair.

You need to get rid of all those locks in your hair on a daily basis. Brush your hair before going to bed so It doesn’t get worse while sleeping.

3. Clean your brushes

Now that I have established the fact that brushing is important, it is even more important to clean your brushes.

The hair, dandruff, all the oiliness. You need to clean it almost every week so all that shit doesn’t go back in your head, you understand my point here? Clean brushes are another way for caring for your hair.

4. Oiling

No one likes the ‘chip-chip’ but there are so many non-sticky options to choose from. It nourishes your hair to another level. Also, makes them smooth and silky. There are also hair masks available as a substitute for oil, USE IT.

5. Washing hair

It is super important to wash your hair on a daily basis. The best interval is in every three days. After 72 hours of washing, your hair begins to get dry and there are higher chances of breakage.

Also, it makes your scalp super oily which is not healthy for the hair growth. In the end, wash your hair with cold water, always. It closes the hair cuticles making it soft and shiny.

6. Shampoo

Always dilute your shampoo. Take like a walnut size of shampoo in the container and mix it in little water and then shampoo your hair. Directly applying shampoo is very strong and can cause dry scalp and hair.

Application of direct shampoo is like a shock to your scalp because that part of your body is super sensitive and can get red with little harshness.

7. Conditioning

Some people don’t like conditioning or they are too lazy to apply it or the wait after it or they but that doesn’t help your hair. Conditioning is very important.

Like I said in the last point, shampoo can be harsh and conditioner gives your hair the soothing effect after the harshness of shampoo. It makes your hair more alive, soft and smooth as the freaking silk.

8. Sun protection

Sun protection

Your hair needs just as much protection from the harsh sun as your skin. And especially if you color your hair, you need to protect it from the sun because it can fade away the color turning it greyish and making you look older.

So buy a nice expensive and fancy hat for yourself and treat your hair well.

9. Read the labels

Whatever product you use on your hair it needs to be checked thoroughly. Don’t buy any product with consists of Lauryl,  Laureth sulfate, alcohol or synthetic fragrances.

It can damage you so much that you will have no choice but to chop off your hair. Bet you don’t want that huh? So choose chemical-free products for your hair.

10. Eat right

Eat right

You need to improve your eating habits for the sake of your lovely hair. Eat a lot of food consisting of mainly protein, vitamin C and omega-3 acid.

These are the three main nutrients needed for well being of your hair. You are what you eat. Your hair is what you eat. Make sure you avoid all that super oily food too.

Hair takes just as much care as any other part of your body. It will take a little more effort but you will look smart with those perfect hai.

You will get addicted to your hair care routines and you will start canceling important plans just to pamper your hair (been there, done that).

It will boost your confidence to another level and well, no one minds some compliments, right?

Well, if this doesn’t satisfy you, there is always something more. Like visit this amazing website for more hair care tips

If you are flexible enough to change your overall appearance I would suggest you read our article, “Look More Attractive: 10 Easy Ways Any Woman Can Follow Everyday“.

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