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Google And Other Online Contests To Win Huge Prizes


Varidhi Yadav

We all want different ways to win money, where you can flaunt your talent and get paid for it. There are a number of online contests you can participate in and win prizes.

Let’s Talk About Some Of The Online Contests You Can Participate And Win. Here We Go!

1. Google Code Jam

Google Code Jam
Credits: Opportunities For Africans

This is an annual programming competition for all those coding fanatics out there. If you love coding and you think you are really good at it then there’s nothing that can stop you from taking part in this particular Online contest.

They give you complex algorithmic challenges that you have to program within a given about of time and if you do so, you will keep going up the table and get prizes if you win. And the best part is that you can use any programming language you are comfortable with, no rules in that.

2. Online Marketing Challenge

Google And Other Online Contests To Win Huge Prizes: Online Marketing Challenge
Credits: USA Scholarships

Now for the students who are studying in the field of marketing and they think that they are doing pretty good at it. How about you test the knowledge you are learning everyday and if you are actually that good, you can win prizes out of it?

In this online contest, the participants have to mange and update a Google AdWords campaign using authentic marketing skills. And of course, the best one wins the prizes they have to offer.

3. Android Developer Challenge

Google And Other Online Contests To Win Huge Prizes: Android Developer Challenge
Credits: Android Police

Do you have great ideas for mobiles applications for Android because if you do, you can make a lot out of it. There are ten different categories out of which you can choose which type of application you will be developing. Once you do, you can submit it in Android Developer Challenge.

If you are the top podium finisher then obviously, you are going to walk out with a huge cash prize by winning this online contest. Sounds easy? We will see.

4. International Photography Award

International Photography Award
Credits: Photo Contest Insider

This is an annual photography competition, obviously and you need to pay to get in though. I mean there is a high entry fee, that range from 15 dollars to 25 dollars per picture. And that’s why it is best suggest to not put so much money if you are not too confident.

And if you are then this is a great platform for your pictures because the people who organize this online contest make sure that if your photos are selected they will do everything in their power to give you maximum exposure.

5. iPhone Photography Awards

iPhone Photography Awards
Credits: Cult of Mac

You know how amazing the iPhone picture quality is, right? And you are well aware of how you upload so many iPhone pictures on Instagram calling yourself a professional photographer, well now you actually do that.

You can submit images to this online contest with 3.50 dollar per picture. You have to take these picture with an iPhone or an iPad and adding extra lenses or using applications are also allowed.

6. Leika Oskar Barnack Award

Leika Oskar Barnack Award
Credits: Pulitzer Center

This competition is named after the great inventor Leica, and this competition had started a hundred years ago in 1979. Now this is an amazing competition for the photographer because they give importance to every participant accordingly without any entry fee.

They award 2500 pounds to each finalist, 10,000 pounds to newcomer and 25,000 pounds is the grand prize. If your work is creative and groundbreaking, this is the platform for your amazing work.

These are some of the online contests you can take part in if you think you are good enough in the particular fields. None of these will be worthless because even if you don’t win, you can always add the participation certificate to your resume.

All of these contests have international value and can do wonders for you in the future either as your work or as extra curriculum.

If we missed out any other amazing online contest, do let us know in the comments.

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