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Gaining Fat: 5 Serious Signs That Says You Are Getting Fat.


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

The horror of not fitting into your favorite jeans is inexpressible! As you start to gain more and more body fat, you might notice a few signs that scream “Do something!” and you really, really need to hear them out on time before it’s too late and you start gaining fat!

It’s almost impossible to stay fit with all the junk food and demand for comfort food that’s going on and as a trend on a global scale. But, it’s not impossible to still fit in our goals to stay fit and indulge in our favorite foods alongside.

You cannot ignore these signs that says, you are gaining fat, do something right now!

1. Double Chin

Gaining Fat: 5 Serious Signs That Says You Are Getting Fat.

Although you do not have to be overweight to have a double chin, it is often associated with weight gain. It is also known as submental fat and is a very common condition.

Remedy for Double Chin

Getting rid of a double chin includes doing a few exercises like straight jaw jut, pucker up, tongue stretch, neck stretch, bottom jaw jut and also as easy as chewing sugar-free gum whenever and wherever possible.

Do the exercises to avoid gaining fat on your chin, it hardly takes your time and can be done anywhere. Yes, even during your restroom break.

2. Stretch Marks

Gaining Fat: 5 Serious Signs That Says You Are Getting Fat.

Stretch marks are scars that develop due to quick shrinking or stretching of the skin and a serious sign that you are gaining fat. Any abrupt change like quick weight loss or weight gain and pregnancy causes important proteins associated with our skin to rupture and as the skin heals, these marks start to appear.

Remedy for Stretch Marks

One can get rid of these stretch marks by using creams, lotions or gels engineered especially for this cause. Even medicines containing tretinoin and hyaluronic acid helped in making the marks less noticeable.

3. Muffin Tops

Remedy for Muffin Tops

These are most noticeable in women. It gets the name from its form on the top of a pair of high waisted jeans. They are formed when most of the fat is accumulated near the waist and is accumulated when an individual wears clothes that tighten near the waist.

Remedy for Muffin Tops

Exercises like candlestick dipper, Hip dips, rolling plank, butt lifts, hip twists, and bicycle crunches can help in getting rid of muffin tops.

4. Love Handles

Remedy for Love Handles
Credits: Weight Loss – BeautyVigour

Love handles are basically another name for a pot belly or visceral fat. Abdominal obesity can be taken care of by cutting out added sugar, focusing on healthy fats, fill it up with fiber.

Remedy for Love Handles

It is very difficult to get rid of Love Handles after a long time. So stop this monster at the very beginning.

Avoid sitting for a long time, less stress, weight training, and healthy sleeping patterns. Cutting out on alcohol is another major factor. Cardio and protein intake is a must to avoid gaining fat in your sides.

5. Cellulite

Remedy for Cellulite

Cellulite is the formation of skin dimples in fat accumulating parts of the body like arms, waist, buttocks and inner thighs. This makes your skin look lumpy and saggy and is much more common in females.

Remedy for Cellulite

Massaging the affected areas will improve lymphatic drainage and help in stretching the skin (cellulite dimples). Massage creams are available in the market, which is specially made for ease of massaging. However, the creams do not help on reducing cellulite as they are made to ease the process of massaging. Scrubbing also has shown favorable results.

We often compare our body’s mass with the amount of food we eat and that’s where we’re going wrong. Quality and quantity always have an equal chance in making your body the way it is.

We hope these signs help you in noticing the increasing body fat and motivate you to work on them before it’s too late.

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