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Easy To Do: 10 Best Yoga Poses For Weight Loss


Varidhi Yadav

Not everyone is fond of going to the gym, doing all that cardio that takes the breath away, or all those dumbbells that give a killer muscle pain the next day. You have an alternative option of trying these best yoga poses for weight loss.

Though some people think yoga only works on flexibility, you are wrong. It can also help you lose weight, it may be a little slow but it’s definitely effective if you do it consistently.

So, here are the 10 best yoga poses for weight loss which you can start from today.

1. Adho Mukha Svanasana (अधोमुख श्वानासन)

It is called the Downward Dog Pose in English. You need to make an inverted V shape with your body and out the bodyweight mainly on your arms and a little on your legs for balance.

This particular pose will tone your arms and biceps. And it will give a nice stretch to your calves and help tone them too.

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2. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (ऊर्ध्व मुख श्वानासन)

This is called the Upward Dog pose, quite opposite of the one before. Here you need to lie down on your stomach and then raise your body from forward and put the bodyweight on your hands and balance.

This will tone your arms, biceps, and triceps. Give a nice stretch to your core. Please don’t do this pose in case you have pain in your shoulder, it might increase the pain.

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3. Bharadvajasana (भरद्वाज आसन विधि)

This yoga pose is also known as the Seated Twist pose. Here you fold your one leg towards the outside and the other one on half-lotus position. And then you place the opposite hand to the outer folded leg on it and then twist. Repeat the other side too.

This will help increase your flexibility in the upper half of your body. Open up all the locks in the back. Don’t do it if you’re getting any kind of knee pain.

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4. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (अर्ध पिंचा मयूरासन)

Also called the Dolphin Pose in English. This pose is very similar to the very first one I mentioned. The only difference is that instead of balancing on feet and palms, here you balance of feet and arms folded at the elbow.

This pose will stretch your thighs, calves, arms, and shoulder. It will help you to improve body balance and relieve tension from your body. You will get it perfect with practice.

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5. Chaturanga Dandasana (चतुरंग दंडासन)

Also known as the low plank pose. Yes, the ever deadly plank is originally a yoga pose. But here you don’t balance on toes and elbow base but on the toes and palms. You place your palms beside your chest and then pick your body to balance.

This will help tone the arms as well as your core. Do not do this if you have shoulder issues, it can worsen it.

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6. Naukasana (नौकासन)

As the name suggests, it is also known as the boat pose. You need to raise your upper body and legs in the air and balance on your hips. It will be a little difficult in the first to balance, obviously. But if you practice, you will master it in no time.

This pose will help tone your core and increase overall strength. It gives you visible results to that stubborn belly fat. Don’t do this if you have any lower back problems.

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7. Anantasana (अनंतासन)

Also known as the Vishnu’s Couch pose. This is a pretty easy one actually. You need to lie down on your side, rest your head on the hand, lift the upper leg above and hold your toes with your other hand. And stretch! Try not to bend the knee but if it does don’t worry much. It will get flexible over time with practice.

This will tone your inner thigh muscles and give the infamous thigh gap. And works you’re your love handles too. Anyone can possibly do this one without much worry but when it starts to hurt while stretching, stop.

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8. Baddha Konasana (बद्ध कोणासन)

Also known as the cobbler pose or the butterfly pose. You need to hold both your feet together and pull in towards your body. Bring it all close as possible and then flutter your knees like a butterfly‘s wings.

This will actually burn some calories and this is really good to shape your thighs. It will increase your flexibility but don’t do this if you have knee pain.

9. Padangusthasana (पादंगुष्ठासन)

Also known as the big toe pose. This one is my personal favorite. All you need to do is to bend down and try to hold your big toe. With good daily practice, you will be able to literally touch your forehead to the knees and that should be your goals.

This will work on your hamstrings, tone your calves and thigh muscles. And it also improves digestion. Anyway, don’t do this if you have back pain as it might worsen it. Keep it slow and steady in the beginning.

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10. Ananda Balasana (आनंद बालासन)

This one is also known as the Happy baby pose. You just need to lie on your back, bend your knees at ninety degrees, and then raise them from the hips again at ninety degrees, hold your toes and hold the post for a few seconds.

This will strengthen all your lower body and back muscles. The hamstrings, the calves, the thighs, and everything down there. Again, don’t do this if you have a back problem.

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Yoga is a great way to lose weight. Sure, the results are quite slower than the gym part but it is definitely useful. And once you get used to yoga, it will never leave you.

It’s a great art to learn and it has a lot of benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally, and everything you know. So make it a regular habit to do these 10 best yoga poses for weight loss daily for at least thirty minutes experience the benefits yourself.

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