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Complete Guide Of Do’s And Don’ts To Reduce Belly Fat


Varidhi Yadav

It can be really tough to reduce belly fat, but not impossible.

Staying fit is the new cool thing but once you get that stubborn belly fat, it will stick to your stomach like a clingy girlfriend. That’s how the name, love handles came into the picture.

So I’m going to list some do’s and don’ts in order to reduce belly fat. Follow these and see which ones work the best for you.

Don’ts, The thing you need to avoid, completely!

1. Sugar or Sweeteners

Do's And Don'ts To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat: Avoid Sugar or sweeteners

Avoid sugar, absolutely, completely, totally. Even those substitute sweeteners aren’t a good option. I would suggest jaggery or dates to sweeten your food and even the homemade desserts.

And of course, avoid the ready-made desserts because you have no idea how much sugar they use in a small chocolate moose or in your tiramisu.

2. Beverages


Avoid the obvious, all those aerated drinks. No matter how tempting it seems, when you are really thirsty and you have a store with all these cold drinks hanging in front of you, control yourself and buy plain water.

Even the packed juices aren’t healthy. It’s only 40% fruit and the rest is sugar and fructose. Bet you don’t want that.

3. Trans fat

Also known as the unsaturated fat which is mostly found in all the long lasting junk foods such as burgers and french fries. These are added in order to keep them fresh for a longer time.

But it directly goes into your sensitive areas such as belly, chest, etc. Another treason to avoid this is to save yourself from heart problems.

4. Carbohydrates


It covers the most common nutrition of your meal portion. A daily intake of high-level carbs is what keeps your appetite huge.

So decrease intake of carbs will reduce your appetite and you will only eat how much your body actually needs, instead of how much your mind wants you to eat.

5. Alcohol

Casual drinking is fine, don’t worry. But binge drinking that too quite often can result in a huge and stiff belly which will be way too difficult to get rid of later.

So avoid binge drinking, especially beer, it’s made out of wheat or barley which can be super fattening. Choose vodka or martinis, just suggesting.

6. Never Skip Breakfast

Never skip breakfast

They told the truth when they said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You are supposed to eat a big, nutritious and healthy breakfast before starting your day and reduce the size with every meal till night, it keeps your digestion in place and boosts metabolism.

7. No Crash Dieting

No, say goodbye to all those keto and GM diets, you are not allowed to do that. You can’t just expect to keep yourself hungry and starving for days to reduce belly fat or any kind of fat.

You need to have a healthy constant diet and a regular exercise to even begin to expect some changes in your body, in a good way.

8. No Midnight Snacking

Do's And Don'ts To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat

Stop eating at odd times. The first place we go to when we are bored, sad, annoyed or happy is to the bloody refrigerator. Stop doing that, distract yourself with other things. You are not always hungry. You have just conditioned your mind in this manner, it’s time to change that.

9. Reduce Stress

Reduce stress

A great level of stress can lead to lethargy and obviously, binge eating all the comfort food possible which is why you need to keep your mind super calm. Don’t stress about things, they will eventually get better if you solve your problems with a calm and steady head.

10. No spot toning

You can’t just keep doing crunches and all the abs workout and expect things to get better. You can’t just lose the belly fat only, you need to work on losing the overall body fat in order to achieve what you wish for. That’s why you need to keep doing cardio and lifting weights with your core workout on a regular basis.

11. Don’t Give Up

belly fat

In case you set a goal, for example, you wanted to lose 10 kg before your birthday but you could only lose 5, don’t give up. It doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight and that you are a failure.

No, it just means that you need to work a little bit harder. Always look at what you have become instead of focusing on what you couldn’t.

12. Stop Comparing

Some people have a metabolism of a Ferrari and some, that of a Honda which is why you need to stop comparing your timeline with someone else’s.

Some people are just naturally motivated to workout and some people need to develop it. We are all different and we only need to focus on ourselves.

13. Don’t Laze Out

Don’t laze out

Not even once should you tell yourself that you have been regular for a long time so you can take a break today. No. At least not for the whole day. Maybe you can skip running for one day.

Maybe you can eat tiramisu for lunch. But you are not allowed to take a whole day off from your routine.

14. No Supplements

I know you think that supplements are an easy way out of all the excess workout and super healthy food but it’s not.

Instead, it can be harmful to your body, I think that’s pretty obvious. You don’t need it. You just need hard work and dedication, that is all!

DO’s, The things you need to take care of, seriously!

1. Stay Hydrated

The more water you drink, the more fat you lose from your body. Water intake is shown as one of the best ways to lose fat.

It helps your body get rid of toxins that improve your digestion and keeps your body moving. And obviously, water is naturally all calorie-free, what harm can it do?

So keeping that in mind, choose water over any other beverage.

2. Green Tea

belly fat

Green tea is like the latest obsession with fitness freaks. Few fruits and one cup of green tea can give you so much energy for a workout session.

It boosts your metabolism for better fat reduction during a workout. Plus, it also contains caffeine which directly aids in the fat burning process and releases energy in the process

Learn how to make green tea at home easily?

3. Proteins

Increase your protein intake in every damn meal. It is said that protein is the only nutrient that can help you lessen your cravings for junk food.

It also boosts your metabolism by helping your body to work better.

Know about the 15 Natural Sources of Protein For Both Veg and Non-vegetarians.

4. Fibers

belly fat

Fibrous food is more filling than anything else, which means a lesser appetite and lesser calorie intake.

Especially the viscous fiber, it helps you to stay content with your meal and not crave for anything without trying too hard.

It is very important to lose more calories than what you gained. This will majorly help you reduce belly fat.

Read about 5 Diet Trends: Complete Diet Tips With Examples And Do’s & Don’ts and choose the best for you.

5. Vinegar

Add vinegar to every meal possible, sour food does wonders when it comes to losing belly fat. I know vinegar can be not so friendly to your taste so not more than one or two tablespoons of vinegar is enough for your body fat to keep burning accompanied by other healthy food.

6. Fasting


No, fasting is not just to please God. It doesn’t have to be done just in the name of pleasing someone.

Fasting can be done to give your body a break from all the cooked and oily food. Fast at least once or twice a week.

Increase your water intake during fasting and eat light fruits to keep yourself moving.

7. Cardio

Keeping your body constantly warm is very important. Your muscles must be working and moving all the time in order to reduce belly fat which is why you need to do some running, skipping or jumping jacks.

In case you don’t like the traditional cardio, you can go dancing or Zumba, it is fun, happy and will keep you entertained.

8. Abs Workout

belly fat

Crunches, reverse crunches, planks, sit-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, and so much more. Divide them into groups, make a workout routine for the week and lastly make sure you bloody stick to it. Nothing burns belly fat faster than abs workout.

9. Lift Weights

Lifting weights will increase your muscle work. It increases your fat burning process and will reduce your belly fat faster.

Your metabolism will work till later compared to cardio which means it’ll keep the fat burning process on for longer than usual after your workout session.

You can even buy a protein powder to help you with faster muscle recovery but first, learn 11 Difference Between Fake and Real Protein Powder. So you are not fooled by supplement companies.

10. Yoga

belly fat

It is the soothing and peaceful way of workout which can help you reduce belly fat and tone your body.

Though yoga can be a little slower process than usual if your body can’t take a heavy or tiring workout then you should definitely give yoga a shot.

It will also keep your mind steady and your heart rate at a normal level, all the time.

11. Walking

If the place is in a walkable distance then bloody walk. Stop taking the vehicle for short distances because you are too lazy.

It will save your money and help you lose that excess fat you gained with all that junk food. Although it is not the only way to reduce belly fat, it is definitely an aid to it.

12. Keep Track Of Your Day

Download a nice application to keep a track record of all your food intake and how much exercise you did. It will help you do better the next day.

Like I said before, you need to lose more calories than you gained in order to lose the fats faster and for good.

13. Sleep Well

belly fat

It is important to sleep like a baby. Also, you must track your sleep too. It is really necessary to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day and yes, it is real when people say 10 pm to 4 am is the best time to get content sleep.

Remember that food gives you the nutrition you need to stay alive but sleep restores your energy and repairs your muscles.

14. Stay Motivated

It would be super amazing if you follow the above points. But it’s equally important that you stay motivated to workout and eat healthier every day.

Stay consistent and you will never have to go through the pain of carrying all that excess fat.

Belly fat is really stressful considering a flat stomach is the new cool. Lose your love handles by following the above points and feel confident, motivated and healthy every day.

Work hard and stay consistent and you will successfully reach your goal.


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