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Don’t Get Back With Your Ex: 5 Reasons To Convince You


Varidhi Yadav

Are you desperately waiting for a text from your ex? But let me advise you, don’t get back with your ex.

There are a lot of you out there who still check out your ex’s social media profiles or keep checking their last seen on WhatsApp.

I request you to stop this nonsense and read these 5 convincing points that say, don’t get back with your ex!

1. Remember Your Reason For The Breakup

Don't Get Back With Your Ex

Why did you break up with him or her in the first bloody place? It obviously happened for a reason, right?

I don’t care what it was, trust issues, jealousy, insecurity. It was something, that cost you your whole relationship.

And if you go back to the same person, there are heavy chances of a killer déjà vu.

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2. You Think Your Ex Is An Easy Target

Don't Get Back With Your Ex

Yes, you had an amazing relationship and you have already invested so much time and energy into it.

After all those fights, arguments and lovely phone calls, you know every bit about the other one.

From their favorite food to their most annoying habit and since you loved them for all of it, you think it is easier to just go back and resume with that.

But no, please don’t do that. No matter how easy, you got out for a reason, remember that and don’t get back with your ex.

3. Don’t Get Back With Your Ex Because People Never Change

People Never Change especially your ex

Listen to me very carefully, do not take that “I will change for you” crap from your ex, ever!

People do not change. They are always the people they are supposed to be. It takes a lot more than just a breakup or a few fights for someone to change their entire personality.

And wouldn’t it be better finding someone who wouldn’t have to change for you in the place?

4. Even Your Self-Respect Deserves Some Respect

Even Your Self-Respect Deserves Some Respect

Don’t get back with your ex because after a breakup, it’s really common where the person starts questioning him or her.

You start to think you were not good enough for them? Wrong!

There was nothing wrong with you. The circumstances just did not work out how it should have.

But after a breakup, if your ex is still ready to take you back, it’s like a boost to your self-confidence and you start thinking you are still worth it, you dig your own grave, smiling.

5. Give Yourself a Chance To Find Someone Better

Find Someone Better after breakup

The best reason to not go back to your ex is that there are so many other and better fishes out there in the pond.

You just need the patience and observant eyes to find it. There is someone who will seem perfect for you, who will be different from your last partner and with whom you wouldn’t be breaking up for the same damn reason again.

“Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like, giving them another bullet because they missed you the first time.”

If you are reading it for a friend I would suggest you to read our other article, 7 Ways To Save Your Friend From a Bad Relationship?

I completely understand that what you had was beautiful and you wish that there was a way to get past all that. Or better yet, it never went wrong in the first place.

But it did and I don’t think you can or you should do anything about it. Always remember, whatever happens, happens for good and the best awaits for you.

If you have more point to add on don’t get back with your ex do let me know in the comments.

If you are still having second thoughts watch this inspiring video

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[…] Read: Don’t Get Back With Your Ex: 5 Reasons To Convince You […]


[…] Read: Don’t Get Back With Your Ex: 5 Reasons To Convince You […]