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11 Difference Between Fake and Real Protein Powder


Varidhi Yadav

Thinking to buy protein powder? Firstly learn the difference between fake and real protein powder

I know it’s costly and on top off that you can’t trust anyone for its originality. In India, there are many fake protein sellers who mix other harmful drugs and whatnot.

So, become a responsible consumer and know what you should be looking for.

Let’s see how you can figure out the difference between fake and real protein powder.

Say NO!

Yes first and foremost, when your gym trainer tries to sell you a protein powder without telling you the brand name. Say NO! trust me because even he doesn’t know what he is selling.

Okay, let’s get to the serious part now!

1. The Biggest Difference Between Fake and Real Protein Powder Is ‘Packaging

difference between fake and real protein powder

In case you haven’t noticed, when you buy any kind of powder, the box or the bottle is always super sealed and tight. Because if the air goes inside by any chance, it can ruin the powder.

The fake ones will have a weak sealing, not good quality plastic, and the wrapping would be crumbling because obviously, they are trying to save on the cost.

2. MRP And Lot Number

Difference Between Fake and Real Protein Powder: 11 Easy Ways

If you pay close attention, then all these bottles and jars have their MRP and Lot number printed on it with those little black fonts.

But the fake ones usually put on a stick because it’s easier. And the Lot number, the authentic companies (famous ones) provide this so that people can verify the product and confirm its originality on its website.

3. The Price Difference

Yes, original protein powder will always be costly. Brands like ON, Myprotein, Ultimate Nutrition, and Dymatize, etc put lots of money in manufacturing and then on import duties. Its no wonder they are costly.

If you get famous brand proteins for cheaper prices then it’s probably fake. If you get cheaper protein powder without any brand name then its definitely fake.

4. The Difference In ‘Solubility‘ Between Fake and Real Protein Powder

The Difference In 'Solubility' Between Fake and Real Protein Powder

I think this one is the most obvious one. When people are selling fake powder, they are going to use the cheapest materials possible to keep their production cost to the minimum.

And the original protein powder will dissolve in the water quite easily and quickly.

Forget about mixing with a spoon, it will take a whole lot of power and shakes to mix the fake one with a blender too.

5. The ‘Texture‘ of Protein Powder

The 'Texture' of Protein Powder

The original protein powder has a particular texture to it and it never changes. No matter which brand you use, kind of soft but still separable.

And the fake ones, it will be chalky. It might feel a bit crystallized and a little rough. It is always recommended to buy a unique flavor, the common ones have the fakest copies of it. Such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

6. The Taste Says a Lot

Just like texture, the taste remains the same, constant with all protein powder. So in order to know the difference between original and fake, you should taste it, ask for a sample.

If you are buying protein powder for the first time, then take someone who uses it all ready to accompany you. They can try out the sample and tell you if it seems genuine or not.

7. The Feeling After ‘Consumption‘ of Protein

The Feeling After 'Consumption' of Protein

As soon as you consume an original protein powder you won’t feel heavy in your stomach. Rather you won’t feel as if anything has entered your body.

When you consume a fake or cheaper brand you feel heavy because it contains other materials and which takes time to digest.

8. The difference in ‘Results’ Between Fake and Real Protein Powder

The difference in 'Results' Between Fake and Real Protein Powder

Protein is supposed to make you feel stronger and lighter and more active during the day. It is supposed to help you work out better and give better results.

But if the side effects are downhill, for example, if you are feeling even weaker or lethargic then you bought the wrong protein powder.

9. Side Effects of Fake Protein Powder

Side Effects of Fake Protein Powder

Original brands have an image to maintain, unlike the fake ones. There are generally no side effects whatsoever when it comes to original protein powder.

A fake one will give you extraordinary results initially but is severely damaging your internal organs. You will start to develop pimples on your face and back and feel a lot of heat inside your body.

10. Observation Difference Between The Two

Remember this no protein can give you extraordinary results. It is just giving you supplementary support for your protein intake which is not taken care of by your diet.

If you see extraordinary results right away, just stop using it right then. Because there must have been drugs mixed to give you those results.

So there you go, these are some basic and pretty easy ways to differentiate between original and fake protein powder.

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If you think I missed out on something or you still have a query? Drop it in the comments.

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Wow even whey protein are being faked nowadays? Ive never bought one and if I did Id probably didnt notice so thanks for sharing this very informative post.


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