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7 Basic Difference Between a Real and Fake Leather?


Varidhi Yadav

There are literally so many bogus people out there selling faux leather that it is super difficult to differentiate between a real and fake leather.

Anyway, there are some qualities of genuine leather that cannot be copied perfectly. At least not all of them.

So, I’ll jot down 7 difference between a real and fake leather that you can keep in mind the next time you go shopping.

1. The Water Drop Test

If you put a drop of water on the genuine leather, it will absorb it within seconds. It goes in the pores and puff! 

But the fake leather will just make puddle over there and make a mess. Since it is fake, it doesn’t have the quality of absorbing water and thus, very easy to tell the difference.

This is something you can’t copy because It’s a natural feature of leather.

2. Difference In Surface

Difference Between a Real and Fake Leather

The surface of real leather is really different from the fake one. But you will not realize that until you look closely.

Remember, the real leather is made out of animal skin so the pattern on it will always be different. It will have cracks and patches which is ironically a good thing when it comes to real leather.

But the fake ones will try to have this but will end up having a proper pattern of those cracks which obviously feels unnatural.

Want to go in-depth? See how leather is made in this video.

3. Smell Of Real Leather

The smell of real leather is musty and well, of a skin. But obviously, the fake leather will smell like plastic.

If you don’t know the difference between these smells, I suggest you go to a good showroom where they do sell real leather and smell the damn thing. And then check out a synthetic leather and smell it too.

You will realize the smell and differentiate easily between real and fake leather product.

4. The Quality Of Bending

Difference Between a Real and Fake Leather

Now bending the leather is fun. When you bend a genuine leather, it goes on to change a little color because of that stretched out skin.

But the fake leather is well, difficult to bend in the first place and neither will it change the color a little nor will it stretch out.

Instead, it might actually break or crack in that place. So don’t do this in front of the sales person because if you crack it, you’ll have to buy the whole damn thing, this is how they make sales, you know.

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5. Wrinkling Effect Of Real Leather

Real vs fake leather

Do you ever realize how your skin wrinkles when you pinch it or press?

Well, the animal skin is no exception. You can try pinching and pressing the leather. It will give small wrinkles to the surface if it is real leather but if it is faux leather, the surface is bound to stay intact.

But well, the copiers might be a little smart to put the texture out there, so this might not always work but still, wrinkles will be bigger in the fake leather because it contains plastic.

6. Companies Claiming For Real Leather

genuine leather

If there is no inside tag in the leather product that you want to buy, then there are heavy chances that it’s fake.

When a brand is selling real animal skin leather, they find some sort of pride in writing things like genuine leather, to give you double assurance.

They don’t believe in hiding the fact, they will write everything about it in order to convince you that it is real. The fake ones usually write synthetic leather or don’t write anything, so read the tag and labels.

7. Difference In Price of Real And Fake Leather

real and fake Leather price comparison

Get this straight, you will never find genuine leather at cheaper rates.

Synthetic is replacing the original because it is cheaper and this is the biggest quality of fake leather. So always buy from the brands and go to the store personally because it’s next to impossible to know if it’s real or fake leather just by looking at pictures online.

Never settle for cheaper options and try all the above techniques if you really desire to wear an original leather product.

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The leather is a great piece of clothing, looks very smart and stylish and can change your look and personality completely but only if you know the real difference between a real and fake leather.

If you find this article useful or want to add a point let me know in the comments below.

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