Common irritating habits of each and every BOY!


Varidhi Yadav

You know one of those looks you give to a boy when he does something stupid and he looks back at you all clueless wondering what he could have possibly done wrong. There are so many things that are completely normal for a boy but irritating otherwise.

Let’s jot down a few irritating habits of boys, maybe then they would stop (who am I kidding?).

Making fun of sensitive things

You can’t possibly go to a guy to talk about an emotional problem. Firstly, they have no solution for you and secondly, they have the talent of making jokes about everything. Even their apology will be accompanied with laughter because they don’t think it’s a big deal.

Forgetting promises

I don’t know how it’s even possible to forget your promises every damn time. You forget it once and you make a note to yourself, never again and that note lasts for a day because you forget, AGAIN! It’s like being a goldfish, they have a 15 second memory, that’s all.

Getting pissed if you talk during football or other any other match

Okay we understand match is important for you, but this doesn’t mean you can avoid or ignore other human being. One word during a football game and they lose it to a whole another level and even worse during a video game. As the game begins, they enter into this zone where they can’t hear a word you say and if they do, they just ignore you like you don’t exist. They shut you out completely until they are done, which is like 2-3 days.

Not doing the simplest chore

let’s face it, they don’t do any domestic work. They can’t iron a shirt, they can’t put the clothes in the dryer,  they can’t even switch off the damn lights. It’s like they are not made for this stuff. They are just stubborn horses who just don’t want to because that will ruin their sole purpose of annoying you.

Farting or burping with no shame

This is the most annoying and disgusting thing they can possibly do. And the worst part is they get even more encouraged when you notice start noticing this shit. What the hell is all that about? Grow up, for God’s sake.

irritating habits of boys

Unable to make a decision

They can NOT make a decision. They will be a smart mouth for most of the time but the moment you ask them to choose something, like where to eat, or choose a gift, which shirt to wear to the interview, they will suddenly become the dumbest person alive.

Extremely bipolar about wardrobe

Boys are extreme when it comes to deciding what they’re going to wear for the day. They would either go for a sleek, out of the world, handsome hunk look that you can’t take your eyes off or they would go homeless drug addict, sleeveless on cargo look that you can’t even look at. There’s NO in between.

Please, boys, stop putting us through all this trauma. There are so many amazing things that you can do but these habits of yours are going to overshadow them all. You are so much better than farting in public places and looking like a drug addict. I hope you realize this now.

Who am I kidding, AGAIN?!

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