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Foreign Language Learning Apps: 10 Top-Rated Apps That You Can Choose


Maitri Seth

Language is nothing less than an individual’s weapon, especially in today’s world. Like your actions define you, what you speak also determines the kind of personality you are. A language can make you a good orator, writer, communication expert, and most importantly, more expressive. And language learning apps make learning languages even easier!

So, more the number of languages you know, and more is your proficiency in a particular language, more words or ‘weapons’ you have, for expression. And this expression not gives you a voice in the society, but also helps you to defend the right and attack the wrong.

Hence, language is power. Also, it spreads the native culture with itself. All of this makes learning languages quite important- either due to necessity or as a matter of interest.

So, here are the top 10 best language learning apps via which you can learn foreign languages, online.

1. Duolingo


Currently the most popular Language learning app, Duolingo offers you to learn around 20 languages. And the best part is, that everything is taught from scratch, i.e, it would start from alphabets, common words and pronunciations and would end up with complex phrases and sentences.

It makes learning fun via a wider range of fun activities and makes it interesting via fun clubs, practice sessions, etc.

Also, you may re-visit your lessons whenever you wish to. It is like a human tutor who would appreciate your good work and let you know your flaws for rectification and improvement. It is available for both Android and iOS formats. 

2. Busuu

Busuu language learning app

One of the best online applications for learning foreign languages, with more than 80 million users for now. Busuu provides you a special feature of placement, I,e. Depending on your skills and proficiency in the language, you can choose from where to begin.

For this, you have to begin with a placement test at the time of joining so that you can begin from the right level. With this, it also provides you the privilege to nourish your already-existing skills in the language.

You can learn around 12 foreign languages via this app. The updated version has introduced new features by which you can get better reviewing, could create your own pool of vocabulary to learn, and can also improve your reading capabilities with the new dialog sessions.

The application works on the format of units, wherein as soon as you master one set of reading, writing, vocabulary, and reviewing, one unit gets completed and gets added to your ‘finished units’. It has free access to all the learning but requires a subscription for its premium features. Also, this premium would also facilitate you with certification on course completion.

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3. Memrise

Memrise language learning app

Another amazing language learning app, Memrise is known for its user-friendly interface. Providing courses in around sixteen languages, it teaches every language with appealing techniques like that of gaming, chatbots, offline modes, and works on the theory of spaced repetition.

This theory encourages intervals between sessions for better memorization and promotes practical and evidence-oriented learning. It provides a slow learning method and is considered to be quite beneficial for improving vocabulary.

4. Hello Talk- A Language Learning App

Hello Talk language learning app

The language learning app Hello Talk follows a very unique way of teaching foreign languages to its users. It allows the user to interact with one another and learn together.

For instance, if you are well-versed in Hindi and want to learn French, you may interact with other such users who could teach you French and in turn would like to learn Hindi from you.

Hence, such native speakers can help each other learn their languages thereby spreading their own culture to the world, breaking all the barriers via this beautiful medium of language. The feature of group chatting would help you to learn in collaborations.

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5. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone language learning app

Rosetta Stone is also one of the best foreign language learning apps in the world. One of the oldest apps of language learning, Rosetta not only enhances your reading and writing capabilities, but also has an expertise in providing pronunciation and grammatical training to its students.

It makes the uses of text, audios, and even photographs to make you understand the language and review your performance.

It provides online courses in 24 different languages and is a subscription-based learning tool.

However, there is a trial session for around seven days and you may learn the first lesson for free. This app is highly recommended and is hence, one of the most popular apps in this area.

6. Babble


This language learning app has several distinct qualities. You might have observed that examples provide you a better understanding of things. This notion is completely followed by this application.

Hence, the best quality about Babble is that it explains everything about the language, especially its grammar, with a lot of examples.

This strengthens the basics of any language within an individual. It teaches in an informal way, which makes you feel as if a human is teaching, thereby making the class more interactive and interesting.

For analysis, it provides its users with fun quizzes and exercises in vast varieties. Its layout and design also seem to be appealing with a good audio system.   

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7. Beelinguapp


Beelinguapp is another popular learning app for foreign languages facilitating the courses for around twelve of them. It works on two major methods-the “Side by Side Reading” method and the “ Karaoke Reading” method.

In the first method, there is a split-screen wherein the native language on one side and the language to be learned is mentioned on the other side. This is done in order to make the new language understandable to the user through his/her native language.

The second method is the audio method wherein the user could listen to the pronunciation of the new language and besides can also read both the new language and the native language for reference. This app is available in both Android and iOS formats.

8. Clozemaster- A Language Learning App


Again, one of the most known language learning apps, Clozemaster follows a gaming pattern.

In this, the users earn points for their every correct choice or answer just like a game which makes users more competitive and hence captivated, So, an app teaching over a hundred languages, Clozemaster is another good option to switch too.

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9. Mind Snacks


This seems to be similar to Clozemaster as it walks on a similar path of gaming. In fact, this is an even more beautiful learning app for foreign languages.

It consists of six minigames, each concerned with a specific learning or task. One can have free access to the first three, but for the next ones, you have to upgrade it.

You can also review your performance on the Dashboard. These games have been designed after a thorough research of human psychology and this app is only available for iOS.

10. Drops


This is majorly a vocabulary-teaching app which provides you courses for vocabulary enhancement in about thirty-five languages. This also has a very user-friendly interface along with interesting tasks to perform for analysis and review.

This is a free app and would be quite helpful for those who have a command over the language, but just wish to improve their vocabulary, hence not for beginners.

Therefore, these online apps have made the process of learning languages convenient and highly accessible. Now, all you need is a determined soul and a diligent brain. So, make the best use of your time and learn this beautiful art of expression-Language.


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