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Benefits Of GYM: 10 Things Gym Taught Me (Other Than a Good Physique)


Umang Dayal

You know how people criticize you when you make a really good physique, and ask a really stupid question like, What are the benefits of Gym? It just gives you a good physique right?

Yes, you are absolutely right! But in the process, you learn a lot of things that these criticizers would never understand.

So, let me list 10 Benefits of Gym and I won’t even include the word Physique, because that’s so obvious, right?

1. Stress Reliever

Benefits Of GYM: 10 Things Gym Taught Me (Other Than a Good Physique)

You know when your boss is giving you orders and you are all frustrated but can’t say anything back. Yes, hold that frustration go back to the Gym and workout even harder.

Same goes for boyfriends, husbands, fathers, who are all able to maintain their relationships because they release their frustration and anger in the Gym.

Do you have huge anger? Cool, But can it handle the pressure of 5 plates each on the chest press?

Yes, okay then how many reps can you do? The gym is the only place where anger is your friend and would never work against you.

2. Good Food Habits

Benefits Of GYM: 10 Things Gym Taught Me (Other Than a Good Physique)

You know when gym freaks say No to a pizza, and everybody is like OMG, you don’t eat pizza?

Actually, we do, but not when we are focusing on shredding. We also say no to a Burger, Cold Drinks, and Fries because you know what?

It’s not good for your health but the difference is we have full control over our diet and watch what we eat. Yes, going in and coming out.

Do you know how many calories are there in a banana or Chicken or peanut butter? I guess not, but we do because we always keep ourselves informed about a food’s nutritional value.

With benefits of gym, you should also take care of your diet, Read “5 Diet Trends: Complete Diet Tips With Examples And Do’s & Don’ts

3. Look Good

Benefits Of GYM: 10 Things Gym Taught Me (Other Than a Good Physique)

You know every cloth suits you when you have an amazing body. You have a lot more options when it comes to wearing different clothes. You look good in polo, shorts, formal and even shirtless.

A fit guy will always stand out in a party, even cheap clothes suites you if you have a well-maintained physique.

If you think you are gaining fat then I would suggest you read our article on “Gaining Fat: 5 Serious Signs That Says You Are Getting Fat“.

4. Discipline

Learn from gym: Discipline

I have a friend who wakes up at 5 am and goes to the gym and workout. Then have a healthy breakfast, get ready go to work, eat lunch on time then get back and rest. You know a serious Gym goer won’t miss his diet for any reason.

This time schedule makes you more disciplined in life, you know when you need to wake up, when to eat and when to sleep because you become more punctual in life.

5. Challenging

Learn from gym: Challenges

You won’t realize that Gym world is much bigger than you can ever imagine, it’s not just restricted to exercise and diet.

Other benefits of the gym are that you have a lot of options to choose from like cross fit, powerlifting, HIIT, Cardio, and a hell lot of exercises which can design your body the way you want to. The Gym world is so big that you can’t get bored ever.

6. Relax

gym gives you Relaxation

You know the time when the Gym is all empty and it’s just you, your music and your iron.

I don’t know how heaven looks like but an empty gym always brings a smile on my face. This is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

If you are stressed and can’t get a solution to any problem? Trust me, the gym has all the answers, it will either give you a solution or make you strong enough to face your problems.

7. No Limits

Gym teaches: No Limits

When you hit a new PR (Personal Record), you have an enormous feeling of self-confidence.

You feel like you can achieve anything in life, you don’t have a limit, the world is yours

Even when the audience can’t see it, you see yourself progressing and this gives you the strength to achieve anything in life.

8. Know Your Pain

Difference between good and bad pain

Another benefit of Gym is you can always differentiate between good pain and bad pain.

The good pain is when you push your body to its maximum, your muscles break down only to become stronger the very next day.

The bad pain is what it sounds like, an internal injury, sprain or ruptures.

The good pain is what keeps you going, it is a beautiful feeling when you know you will wake up with a much stronger body and mind.

9. Teach You To Live Alone

Learn to live alone

The most important aspect of life is to learn to live alone.

The time when your lazy gym partner says I won’t go today and you take responsibilities into your own hands and Go to the gym anyway.

These little things teach you that no one will always be there for you, so you got to learn how to work out alone and later learn to live alone in this selfish world.

10. Cooking

Gym teaches Cooking

If you don’t learn cooking one day or the other your gym days will come to an end.
Because when you have to take diet 5 times a day you are on your own. I know how to cook healthy and tasty non-veg dishes and always use it as a backup plan.

You can’t always depend on your mother, wife or maid for your diet so you better learn to cook.

Check out how to make amazing protein-rich dishes.

Read our article, “15 Natural Sources of Protein For Both Veg and Non-vegetarians“.

These are the 10 Benefits of Gym that I learned personally, after all this, I can proudly say that “Gym is Life”.

If you are still thinking on when to start? I say, Today!

Do let me know what you learned from the Gym and your favorite exercise in the comments.  

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