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5 Proven Ways To Avoid Getting Fat After Marriage?


Varidhi Yadav

You all know the terror of gaining weight post-wedding. And though the reasons seem quite fair, you make up your mind to not be a part of the greater population and avoid getting fat after marriage altogether.

The body you worked so hard to achieve all those years for this special day, you do not agree to lose it. But guess what?

You tend to forget all of that after the wedding.

Read the part-1 of this article to understand this dilemma better. 3 Major reasons for gaining weight after marriage!

So, let me tell you some basic things you need to hold on to so that you avoid getting fat after marriage.

1. Don’t Laze Out

Avoid Getting Fat After Marriage

I understand that after all the hard work you put in for shopping and decoration and guest list and what not, you need a break.

But please, you need to understand that a so-called break can last forever, it’s not even funny. And in no time, you will set your mind to “do I even need to work out?” So, don’t let that happen!

2. Buy And Cook Healthy

cooking healthy food folkire

Now that you are happily married (here’s to hoping!), you can take matters into your own hands.

You make your choices and you tell yourself that you will buy only healthy food, cook only healthy food and nothing else.

Every time you feel insecure about your weight, you only get stronger into making healthy dietary decisions. This way you can keep your body healthy and avoid getting fat after marriage.

3. Work Out

two people work out folkire

Oh please, do not give me that stupid reason for you not having the time to workout. It’s not about scheduling, it’s about priorities, remember?

And I’m not asking you to hit the gym twice a day, sixty minutes each. I’m asking you to keep up with the physical activities.

Maybe thirty minutes of exercise in the morning, choosing to walk, taking stairs and staying motivated. Can do wonders for your body.

4. Do It Together

two people work out at gym

All this working out and eating healthy, make it a couple of thing. Keep each other motivated. Set short term and achievable goals and help each other complete them.

Don’t criticize your partner if he or she is trying to better themselves, join them instead. Go out on dates as rewards, keep cheat meals to those nights to keep your diet in control.

5. Build a Lifestyle

building lifestyle by yoga folkire

Last but not least, all of these things I asked you to do, turn them all into your lifestyle. Don’t do this for the sake of losing weight and then letting it go until you’re fat again.

Keep up with all these habits. These things should become your daily routine that over time you wouldn’t even have to remind yourself or each other that you need to do this.

It’s not very difficult to stay fit and fine during a marriage. The fact that you’ll get fat after your wedding is not an inevitable stereotype. You can overcome it. All you need is the focus, motivation, and faith in each other.

“Couples who workout together, stay together! “

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If you think we missed out a point do let us know in the comments.

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