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10 Simple Ways To Avoid a Hangover After Heavy Drinking


Varidhi Yadav

To avoid a hangover after heavy drinking can be a huge task. It’s all fun and games in the night, dancing and screaming around, and then passing out on that one sober friend who was in charge of taking care of you.

The biggest reason to avoid a hangover is that you don’t want your parents to catch you, oh! and that headache.

So, let’s see the 10 most effective ways you can use to avoid a hangover after heavy drinking.

1. Drink Coffee For a Quick Relief

Ways To Avoid a Hangover After Heavy Drinking: Coffee

First thing you need to keep in mind is that coffee is not the ultimate solution. This one works best for a quick relief in case you have a meeting or an important call to attend.

But if you have to hide it from your parents until you can get in bed. Coffee will make you alert quickly for a short time but don’t strain for too long. I would suggest you go to sleep soon.

2. Cold Water Cloth

Use Cold Water Cloth at night to avoid hangover

Keep a nice cold water cloth on your head. It doesn’t do anything to the alcoholic content in your body.

But it just saves your misery from that throbbing headache. Waking up with such a headache can lead to an annoying day.

So you can keep the cloth before going to bed, it will numb your veins for a while and you will go to a nice sleep and wake up fresh.

3. Chakna Is Important (Snacking While Drinking)

Chakna Is Important to avoid hangover after heavy drinking

First thing’s first, do not drink on an empty stomach at all. The alcohol will take next level toll on your consciousness. And when you do feel like you are super drunk and are going to have a killer hangover, eat something fatty.

It gives your liver the ability to break down the alcohol and get absorbed properly. Do the same thing next morning if you wake up with a hangover. The fatty acids will help you to get rid of alcohol.

4. Drink Lots Of Water

Drink Lots Of Water

I think everyone is well aware of the fact that water is probably the solution to every problem in your life.

And sobering up is absolutely no exception to that. Water will firstly make you pee a lot so the alcohol will get out of your body. Secondly, alcohol makes you very dehydrated so constant consumption of water is necessary.

5. Sleep Early To Avoid Hangover

Sleep Early To Avoid Hangover

Just go to bed after all that heavy drinking. This is the best way to sober up after a rough night which is why I strongly suggest you to not go out when you have to go to work the next day.

It can make your life miserable. Choose a day before the holiday and sleep through the next day if you have to until you sober up. Nothing will work better than this.

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6. Know Your Limit

Know Your Limit while drinking

You should freaking know when to stop. I know a lot of people whose capacity is not more than two drinks, but they choose to drink like twenty just to cope up with other people.

If you cannot drink a lot, it’s okay. No one is judging you. People are judging you though when you lose control and need to google ways to sober up quickly, you see?

7. Dance Your Heart Out

Dance to avoid hangover after heavy drinking

Basically it is exercising. So if you are in a place with a dance floor, don’t just sit around taking selfie videos with a glass of alcohol.

Go, get on the dance floor. And if your situation is worse the next morning, go for a run if you are not feeling too weak.

Any physical activity will help you to avoid a hangover after heavy drinking by improving the blood flow and also help your liver increase the speed of breaking down alcohol.

8. Don’t Hold Up, Throw Up

Don't Hold Up, Throw Up alcohol

You know how great it feels after you throw up. It’s disgusting, I know. But, you are not supposed to force yourself into vomiting. Don’t do that shit, it is very harmful to you.

But if you feel like throwing up, don’t shy out and control it. Just run to the restroom and let it all out, you will feel amazing and gradually help you to sober up.

And once you throw up, take the hint that you’re done for the night and go home before it becomes difficult to avoid a hangover.

9. Take In Vitamins

Take In Vitamins

You need a huge dose of vitamins after a rough night of heavy drinking. All types of vitamins- A, B, C, K, how many ever exist.

And for that, the tastiest way is to prepare a nice dose of smoothie. I personally love smoothie and it is a lot better than drinking coffee.

This will give you a proper sober up result instead of just a few minutes or hours.

10. No Cocktails Or Mixing Drinks

No Cocktails Or Mixing Drinks to avoid hangover after heavy drinking

Say a big no to cocktails. I don’t care how great of a bar or a club you are going to that’s famous for amazing cocktails, you are absolutely not supposed to mix different drinks.

Alcohol is unhealthy in the first place and over that you are mixing two or three types of alcohol in one?

You are just expecting too much from your body and mind to cope up with. Choose one drink that doesn’t do much damage to you and stick to it.

Having a fun night with your friends is important. And I know you cannot get enough of it but there are things you need to keep in mind such as you don’t need to drink every time you meet them, and if you do, you don’t need to binge drink.

If you have more effective ways to avoid a hangover after heavy drinking do let me know in the comments.

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