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9 Ways To Protect Your Phone From Being Stolen


Varidhi Yadav

My friend’s One Plus 6 recently got stolen and the funny thing is she is still paying the EMI and the thief is having all the fun. This is what drove me to write this article on how to protect your phone from being stolen.

Let’s see what are the 9 ways to protect your phone from being stolen and it’s about time that you get your phone insured.

1. Find My Phone

protect your phone from being stolen
Credits: Kim Komando

There are several safety apps like Family Locator and Cerberus. All these apps have several features for you which you can use in emergency situations.

Also, there is a feature existing in your smartphone through which you can sync it to your laptop or computer and if you can’t find your phone then you can just go online and look for its location. So, yeah you will also have to keep your GPS on at all times.

2. Strong Password

Strong Password: protect your phone from being stolen
Credits: Skyhigh Networks

I don’t care how much you need to practice that pattern or remember that pin, always have a really strong password.

Go for a not so common pattern instead of simple L patterns or S patterns and especially not the first letter of your name. Don’t go with simple four digit pin, opt for the six digit one.

Don’t use an important date which everyone is familiar with as your password. If phone is stolen, these easy ones are the first thing they will try.

3. Attach a Note

You know how a lot of people keep money or things like that in the back cover of a phone. Yeah, instead of doing that, how about you put your name or your father’s number on a note?

So if there is any basic human decency left in this world, the person who will find the phone will easily be able to return it. Don’t give your number for obvious reasons, your phone is in their hand, remember?

4. IMEI Number

Imei number
Credits: SMEX

This is basically your phone’s identity number which can give all the details of your phone. You should always keep this written somewhere in some diary or your laptop.

Actually, it is also on your phone’s box so if you don’t think that keeping your phone’s box is hoarding then I would strongly suggest you keep this box safe because it can help you more than you can imagine in the most unexpected times.

5. Phone Insurance

what is covered in Phone Insurance?
Credits: 5G Mobile Phones

Yes, your phone can get insurance. Believe me, literally anything can get insurance so go ahead and get one for your phone.

So in case you never find your phone again, you can at least get the money back to buy a new phone.

There will be some conditions that you will have to fulfill but pretty much the process of getting the phone insured is smooth and quite frankly a necessity.

6. Report Stolen

You don’t know on whose hands your phone has dropped into.

Your phone, your number can be used for wrong motives and if you don’t report it, you will obviously be open to the possibility of getting swirled into something unwanted. You also need to report because you won’t get your insurance money back without it.

7. Stay Smart

Now let’s talk common sense. You can take care of all the technical part of this process but you also need to stay smart.

You can’t go around clicking pictures in the middle of the road and then cry if someone snatches your phone away.

Or use your phone at the door of a train and cry because it slipped out of your hand and dropped out of it.

Stay aware of surroundings while traveling in a rickshaw, walking on the street with the phone on ear to protect the phone from being stolen.

8. Finger Ring Holder

protect your phone

I would suggest you use finger ring holder for your smartphone.

When you put a finger inside the holder it makes your grip tighter and it would make your phone much more difficult to snatch from your hand.

Don’t do any dumb things and you will probably never lose your phone.

These are the basic and the most necessary things that you can do in order to keep your phone safe from being stolen.

If you haven’t done any of the above things, please do it right away because like they say, precaution is always better than cure, that’s right. And the basic thing again is if you are alert and well aware of your surroundings, you will avoid any such situation altogether.

9. Be Responsible

Don’t keep your personal or financial data inside your phone.

Keep strong passwords for your E wallet apps and never save it or your card details inside your phone notes or messages. Keep your personal pictures and videos to yourself .

One thing that you can do is copy the personal files into your laptop and delete them from your smartphone.

Want to know how to keep your data secure at all times? I suggest you read our article, “Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet“.

Any more suggestions?

Do let me know in the comments we will upload it with credits to your name.

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