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9 Amazing ways to celebrate Diwali without firecrackers!


Varidhi Yadav

The most awaited festival of the year is finally here and so is the rise in the pollution level. Everyone seems to be criticizing the decision of the supreme court. But I seriously think that this decision is best for everyone. Anyhow, are we so much obsessed that we cannot celebrate Diwali without firecrackers? I think not!

So, I’m going to list down a few ways to celebrate Diwali without bursting firecrackers.

1. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts

Now choosing a gift for someone can be a huge task. Going for gift shopping is super fun but you know what will be even better? Making the presents yourself. There is no better gift than one’s efforts put into a gift. It’s not much fun knowing how much one spent in buying you a gift. But it’s really fun to know how much time someone invested in making your special gift.

2. Secret Diwali Santa

Secret Diwali Santa

I know we don’t celebrate Christmas with as much fun as we do Diwali in our country. So how about we move the gifting tradition to our very own favorite festival of Diwali? Make some chits of papers with different people’s names, it could be friends or family. Whatever name comes out, you will be gifting him or her this Diwali.

3. Family get together

There’s nothing better than coming together with the entire family and celebrating such a grand festival. You can invite all of your relatives to come over and play games like antakshri or housie or whatever games families play together. Can you imagine all those hearty laughs? Bursting crackers will only give you a cough and lung problems, lol.

4. Sweets


Diwali is known for the various type of sweets being prepared in different households. You can come together with your family a few days before Diwali and prepare these sweets together as one happy family. It is so much fun sitting with your parents and sibling and making sweets, eating stuffing without asking and getting scolded.

5. Cooking


When Diwali is meant to be about spending time with your family and close friends, there is a different type of fun in cooking together. How about making that special dish you always dreamed of? The efforts of everyone trying to save their dresses from getting stained and people laughing while screwing up a perfectly round chapatti or something. Well, I’m just painting the picture here.

6. Decorating


Here comes the most fun thing you can do on Diwali. Decorate the whole damn house. You know how the cleaning begins a week before the festival, that’s got to be fun. All the screaming when someone else is resting while you’re working. All the new things you buy for decorations. Please choose those diyas to light up your house instead of those mirchi lights.

7. Rangoli


One of the most important part of the decoration. Your house is not Diwali ready until there is a beautiful rangoli in your front yard or in front of your door. All the research of the designs, shortlisting the best ideas, trying to make them all. Buying all the colors. You know you can actually make these color naturally at home like rice for white, pulses for yellow and so on.

8. Dancing

Navrati just left our doors, you can’t forget it all just all that easy, can you? Put on some great music and dance with your friends and family and especially your super precious pets. All those pets who are scared and shivering because of all the bursting crackers. Help them calm down with great music and staying close to them so they feel secure.

9. Giving back to society

Giving back to society

On Diwali, a fully fledged cleaning riot begins at home and all the things you don’t need anymore are to be thrown out. I want you to collect all the things you don’t want to use but are in well and good condition and distribute them to the underprivileged people. Don’t let things go in vain when you can easily make someone’s Diwali special.

You don’t need to burst cracker in order to have fun this Diwali. Bursting crackers literally doesn’t help in any sort of way. It causes almost every kind of pollution and you will be responsible for all of it if you go through with your cracker bursting plan.

Have a bright and safe Diwali.


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