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6 unique dating tips for Girls


Varidhi Yadav

First impressions are super important when it comes to a date. You want everything in place and exactly the way you have it in your head. In case you forget something or something gets messed up, you flip the heck out, get nervous and mess up even more. Let me help you out with unique dating tips for girls out there!

So what are these 6 unique dating tips for girls?

1. Keep your phone charged:

smartphone charging

Keep your phone properly charged the whole day for three reasons. One, in case your date has to cancel last minute for some emergency and he can tell you or you’ll think you got stood up. Two, if you don’t like him and the date is not going well you can SOS your best friend to get you out of there. And three, in case the guy is some serial killer and you need to call the freaking police.

2. Go to a place you are familiar with

a white building

You must know the place you are going for the date like where it is, what kind of area, what kind of crowd hangs out there, how to get there, is it safe at the particular hour, all of that. And if by any chance you are not comfortable with the place he has decided don’t be shy to say no. It’s okay to change the venue if you are not comfortable. He will understand or you need to reconsider about him.

3. Look your best

girl looking cool and pretty

Like I said, first impressions are important so look your best. Don’t go over the top though, you don’t have to go shopping just because you have a date. Whatever is there in your closet should be pretty much enough. Dress according to the venue, you can’t wear a fancy dress to a movie or a T-shirt to a café so choose carefully.

4. Don’t preplan conversations


Do not make conversations in your head, you’ll be disappointed because not everyone thinks like you. It’s not an interview, you don’t have to mug up answers, you have to go with the flow. You will be surprised what all stones can turn during that flow.

5. Avoid the ex’s conversation


Three is no bigger buzz kill than a conversation about your ex. Anyway, boys think that girls are too emotional, so, it will be obvious that you still aren’t over him. It’s okay if you are not over your ex but you need to move on and talking about him will only push others away.

6. Be prepared to pay


I know most of the guys offer to pay on a date but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Always know your way to pay, despite the situation. Like they say, single or dating, a woman should always be financially independent.

Don’t go low on your standards if your date is not what you thought it would be. Just keep up with your elegance and once the date is over, don’t call him again.

Everything will go just as you would want it to. You just need to relax, keep these tips in mind and ace your date. 

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[…] We have a full fledged article for unique dating tips for girls. Why should boys have all the fun? Right?! Go check it out.  […]


[…] 6 unique dating tips for girls […]