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6 Earning Apps That Pay You For Your Talent


Varidhi Yadav

Do you have cool hobbies? What if I told you?
You can earn money from those talents with these earning apps. There is a whole platter of phone applications that will help you showcase your amazing skills and actually get you paid for it.

I’ll Jot Down Some Earning Apps That You Can Check Out Right Away.

1. Vibuk: The Talent Network

Rated 3.2 on the play store. This earning app is basically designed to get you appreciation for the artistic side inside of you. If you want to be an actor, actress, dancer, extra, model or anything relate to the casting section and stage disciplines, Vibuk is all you need.

There are a lot of times people don’t understand where to start when they don’t have connections, well you can start here. All you need to do is keep your profile public and you’re eligible for hundreds of casting calls.

I’ll Jot Down Some Earning Apps That You Can Check Out Right Away.

This earning app works the other way round too, if you need someone for your production and don’t know where to look, go to this place. The basic version is free but it does have a premium version if you’re interested and want to be a pro.

2. Hobify: A Hobby for Money

Rated 3.7 on play store. It is pretty new but the concept of this earning app is so amazing that it became one of the best in no time.

Dog walking, baby sitting, gardening. And for teaching there is arts and crafts, dancing, painting, graffiti. Or you can be a yoga coach if you like it. A social worker, translation or sign language. If you need someone, they are right here too, just like you.

Hobify: A Hobby for Money

When people want to earn money, they can make a profile, put in all hobbies and can offer to teach them to other people. Then people get paid for it. Or they can offer to do someone else’s work with something that they love and get paid for.

3. Upwork: Easily Connect on the Go

Rated 3.7 on the play store. The freelancers can have the most fun here. With this app, you can make your profile with things and skills you have to offer and the money you want to charge for it.

The clients can directly talk to you through chats, all the negotiations and if you like it, you accept. If you don’t like, you decline. There is no awkward conversation of how much you hate that project and wouldn’t like to invest your time in it.

Upwork: Easily Connect on the Go

And if you do invest your time in it, it is very easy to share files of most kinds with your clients and keep up the work anywhere you want and anytime you want.

4. Whoosnap

Rated 3.8 on the play store. This app is my personal favourite because if you have a habit of clicking a lot of pictures, this application will help you tie up with quite a lot of brands, newspapers, magazines or companies.

Who are constantly in need of fresh content but don’t have the time to get in the field themselves. So you can sell your photographs through this earning app and well, they’ll pay you for it. You can create your own little albums of various pictures, this will increase your chances of earning money.


And not always will you have to approach the brands, if you have something that they’d like to use in their next campaign, they’ll approach you and you can decide whether you want to sell it or not?

5. Freelancer: Hire and Find Jobs

This application is rated 4.1 on the play store. This is one of the biggest online market place for freelancers. You can find a great place to showcase your talent and be appreciated.

And the other way round, where you can find the best freelancer with the best talent of whatever you need and make them do your job. It is an easy way of doing what you love on your terms. You can offer your skills and talents to employers from around the world with this earning app.

Freelancer: Hire and Find jobs

There is no limit, you can work for the person living on the other side of the planet and earn amazing money. Don’t start working until your pay has been decided and if you give your best, you might actually receive more than what was decided.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr application is rated 4.6 on the play store. This is another app for the freelancers to earn fast and easy money. Till now, the only place for such money was considered call centre and BPO’s.

But now you can earn by doing something you genuinely love and work with all your heart every second. Through this earning app where you can hire people to divide the workload for a while or you can offer your shoulder for the same; time, budget and distance is not a barrier anymore.


There are a hundred and sixteen different categories of services you can choose from. It includes computer work people, writers, painters, song writers, business promoters and what not. Just name it and here they are ready to help you for money.

Like the infamous Joker said, “when you’re good at something, never do it for free”. And to stand by the legend’s words, here are these 6 earning apps you can easily use and earn money sitting at your home.

You can do so much in your free time that you’ll never feel jobless again and there are no more time barriers.

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