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6 Dating Apps In India That Actually Work


Varidhi Yadav

Whoever brought the concept of dating apps in India is a genius!

Because dating is hard, specially in India. Finding the right person, going out on first date and finding out within a few minutes that you hate that person but there is no way you can get out now.

For this sole reason, dating applications were invented. The place where you can pick out your favorites and left swipe the rest.

So, I’m going to tell you six best dating apps in India that definitely give results!

1. Tinder

Dating Apps In India Tinder

Obviously you know about this application, I put this in the list to assure you again that the app actually works. It is one of the largest user base for searching for flings, dates and even love online.

Whatever you ask for, and my favorite part is the swiping. Just going left and right for likes and dislikes. Check out the entire profile to see if he or she will be good enough for you.

Dating Apps In India Tinder

And then there is of course super like through which you can tell that one person or five, that you are really into them.

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2. Happn

Dating Apps In India Happn

The advertisements of this application is like a life story of almost every person out there.

Walking just casually, going to the gym or maybe work, seeing someone hot, getting awestruck for a moment and poof! They are gone forever.

Dating Apps In India Happn

This is where happn makes your life easier. It helps you find people you just crossed paths with. And what really makes this great is avoiding that awkwardness of approaching, if you know what I mean.

Should I say hi, what if he/she doesn’t like me? Well, here you’ll know for sure before you make an actual conversation. This is one of those dating apps in India that actually showed results and is responsible for many relationships.

3. Hinge

Dating Apps In India Hinge

This is a new thing that has come in existence. This isn’t like the other dating apps trying to hook you up with complete strangers.

This application helps you set a date with friends of your friends, as in mutual. It uses Facebook profile to find people for you and well you know that if you think their profile information is not enough, who you should go and ask for more information to.

Dating Apps In India Hinge

The app provides a proper detail box where one can tell directly what they are exactly looking for so that someone doesn’t waste time having a long conversation over nothing.

4. TrulyMadly

Dating Apps In India TrulyMadly

Well, this one is a complete desi application, homegrown right here in India and was specially made for the people living in India.

Dating Apps In India TrulyMadly

It finds you people based on the location you decided to put. Around or far away that’s your choice. And not just picture but the application also allows you to make an introduction videos.

You can upload moving pictures, express your feelings, your emotions. So you are in India and you are looking for a date, go no further.

5. Woo

Dating Apps In India Woo

This is a new application but it has gained it’s credibility in a very short time. This application is basically only for the well educated adults, doing something with their lives with ambitions.

Dating Apps In India Woo

And not because they are discriminating or anything but this application doesn’t believe in flings or hook ups. So if you are worried you’ll have to deal with those people over and over, you won’t have to worry about that.

This application is dating plus matchmaking so you never know you might just end up marrying one from here.

6. Bumble

Dating Apps In India Bumble

Think of it similar to Tinder but with people who are looking for serious relationship only. You can select one of three options dates, friends or networking.

They really have cool questions like, your height, likes, want pets, religious views and other random questions. You can answer these according to your personal views and match with similar people.

Dating Apps In India Bumble

Another great thing about this app is that when you match, it is the obligation of girls to send the first message in 24 hours or the match disappears.

Boys, with intentions of fling or hookups I would say keep your hands away from this app and respect its values.

Dating applications help you go with the trial process where you can choose who you’d want to take things forward with and who you hate after the very first date.

I would suggest you give these dating apps in India a trial run and use the one which is most inclined towards your goals.

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