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5 Most useful GK apps to ace your General Knowledge section.


Varidhi Yadav

General knowledge section is the most difficult when it comes to any government exam. Other sections can be solved using a little logic and practice but when it comes to GK, everything goes down the drain until you have read or heard something about it, somewhere.

In order to ace the general knowledge section of your exam, you must make a habit of reading GK and current affairs daily. You cannot carry a book or a newspaper everywhere you go, but what you can always carry is a smartphone and install these GK apps.

So, how about installing one of the following GK apps and learn general knowledge on the go.

5. General knowledge – World GK

General knowledge - World GK

Rated 4.2 on play store. The application is an online general knowledge quiz game which is available in 25 amazing languages. And the range of questions is around fifteen thousand including every damn category you can think of. World, technology, science and they come up with a lot of new questions and categories with every update.

World GK app is compiled with the knowledge of various things going on or have happened in the world. Since everything is designed in a game concept, it keeps you attentive and interested throughout. And with every question, your confidence keeps boosting up.

Play Store

4. Mrunal


ated 4.6 on play store. This application has such great reviews regarding professional lectures, different sections, and option within this GK app. For the general knowledge section, it consists of news based stories to keep you updated with the current affairs in the world to increase your general awareness. It also has all the other section you need in order to crack the exam as a whole.

And of course, the essay writing section which sometimes actually depends on the current awareness motivate you to read more about a particular topic and increase you confident and comfortability with any question related to it.

Play Store

3. BYJU’s- The learning app

BYJU’s- The learning app

Rated 4.7 on play store. BYJU’s has the trust of thousands of students on a daily basis helping them to get through any sort of exam. And of course when it comes to the general knowledge section of your government exam, BYJU’s will not let you down.

It has compiled own vast section full of general knowledge, current as well as the historic ones. The dates you need to remember, the things that happened on those dates that you need to remember, the application includes the whole package.

Play Store

App Store

2. Civilsdaily


Rted 4.7 on play store. This GK app translates Hindi and regional language news to English so that you are acquainted with the news of every corner of the world. It gives you small, concise news articles for a quick read and long detailed news to know every bit of it.

It also creates one new flash card of a particular news everyday and stores them for later to test if you are remembering things or not. These are compiled under various topics for you to read later if you want. And the news can also be read offline once you bookmark it.

Play Store

App Store

1. Unacademy


Rated 4.8 on play store and easily considered as one of the best GK apps to increase your general knowledge. The application has an exclusive section dedicated only to general knowledge. The current happenings around the world to the history of everything that has ever happened or existed. The stories of where certain things began and how they ended.

You will find almost everything. Plus, if you wish to know about something, you can also drop in a request and it will surely be fulfilled. The explanations are so simple words that it sticks with you forever.

All these GK apps are the best to help you expand your general knowledge. They are trying so hard, coming up with so many new features everyday to help you, you have got to make the best out of them. I have helped you by listing these, you help yourself by using these.

I hope you ace all your general knowledge sections like a Boss.

Play Store

App Store

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