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3 Major reasons for gaining weight after marriage!


Varidhi Yadav

Men and women, both surprisingly start and no one tends to understand. why they gaining weight after marriage this change happens?

And it’s not even funny when parents or some uncle or auntie says, abhi karlo apni dieting shieting, shaadi ke baad toh mote ho hi jaoge!

Like what? How are you even so sure? The wedding is arriving. Both, the bride and the groom are in their best shape, looking amazing in their outfits, getting married and have now begun their ‘happily married life’.

But here comes the bummer. After a few years of marriage they both are wondering to themselves, how the hell did I get so fat?

I’m going to tell you the three major reasons why people start gaining weight after marriage.

1. Binge eating

people eating junk food and watch binge

This is the most common one. When a new bride joins a family, every person of that family wants to pamper the heck out of her, and her husband.

In the first few months of marriage, the couple visits every relative they promised before or during the wedding.

And every relative is trying to be the best. And when it comes to impressing someone, Dil ka raasta toh pet se hi hota hai (the way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach).

And then enters the grandiose meal of 56 dishes, some homemade and some ordered from the best local restaurants. You know, local specialty!

2. Sense of security

gaining weight after marriage

This is another reason which I personally don’t like. After you are married to someone, there comes this sense of security where you know this person is not going to leave you, so you stop trying to look your best.

You don’t feel the need to wake up every morning and workout or eat healthy because you think you are content with your life.

And once married, you are also secure from all the social pressure. No one is telling you to lose weight or else who will marry you!

3. Parenthood

 a child in between two parents

Women, first and foremost pregnancy! That phase can make you gain all the weight in the world. All those cravings you get during pregnancy and no reason to avoid them. You eat it all.

And you know the plus point? No one dares to stop you. And once that kid comes in the world. Then you are so busy taking care of him or her that you don’t bother focusing on all that weight you gained.

Men, you will be so busy in your work life and taking care of that kid that it will be next to impossible to focus on yourself. Playing with that little munchkin will be your only workout in a day.

And after all these things happen and you have grown your little (or huge) tummy.

which is nearly impossible to erase, feel sorry for not taking care of earlier.

Sometimes it doesn’t even bother if life is content which is a happy thing. Sometimes it bothers to a point where people tend to go the extra mile to get back in shape and end up getting sick or hurt.

So, please take care, start eating healthy.

And the ones who are not married yet, (don’t get married) just kidding,

Try to avoid the above and take good care of your body regardless of your marital status.

I suggest you to read part 2 of this article, How to avoid getting fat after marriage?


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