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25 Out Of The Box Business Ideas To Implement In 2020


Varidhi Yadav

I have seen so many businesses boom in no time, you know what they had that others did not? An original idea or an Idea to improve the present ideas than they already are.

So some of these ideas are completely new and others are doing amazing in the market, let’s see what you can learn from existing ones and turn them into your own unique Brand.

I have prepared a list of 25 unique business ideas for 2020 that you can start today!

1. Healthy Food

business idea health food

People are actually getting serious about their diet these days but the love for fast food is sometimes so powerful that anyone can easily get back into it.

So here you can move in and start making and buying some healthy snacks. The better version of all that fast food and all those munchies that people like to chew while keeping a check on their health. This will make a great sale for you.

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2. Diet Coaching

Like I said there are a lot of people out there who are actually taking good care of their diet.

But not everyone knows what is the right food, which will harm them the most, what will hold them back and what will help them the best.

That’s where you can walk in as a professional diet coach, who they can hire in order to get their diet straight. If you start at a reasonable price, you will have a great income and then you can increase accordingly.

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3. Matcha Tea

business idea matcha tea

Everyone knows that when it comes to beverages, tea is the most ordered beverage in India. Anything happens in your life, breakup, wake up, dress up, eat up, chai has a special place in every move you make.

Well, what can be better than giving people a healthier tea as a substitute for that caffeine filled teas? You can start a business selling this amazing Matcha tea for the public and they will love you and be loyal.

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4. Rough Electronic Pad

Have you heard of rough pages in the back of a notebook or the one’s student or anyone tears out of their notebooks for rough work?

How about you help them save papers and come up with an electronic pad that a person can take notes on and later save it in the memory or a flash drive.

Paper is saved, and there comes another cool gadget for the young generation. It’s a win-win. I shall call it the iWriter.

5. Virtual Reality Café

There are a lot of things that have turned into a virtual reality version, video games, movies, traveling experiences, and whatnot. So you can open up an advance café especially for such things.

You just need enough equipment which will cost some good money for this business idea. Get a nice place in a nice area, get it appropriately decorated and then charge people for the amazing experiences.

6. Pet Sitting

business idea pet sitting

I think a majority of the population has pets nowadays. Either dogs or cats or I don’t know, maybe even fishes and other animals.

So, if you are an animal person, I mean if you love to hang out with animals then you can start your own pet sitting services.

Believe me, it does wonders because a lot of people have to cancel their vacations or trips because they don’t have anyone to look after their pets.

7. Social Media Consulting

Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram? Everyone wants to be one of those influencing people or simply with a lot of followers and likes.

If you think you know just the tricks that can help others then you can start your own consulting business for social media.

This is a great business idea simply because of people’s obsession with social media and other businesses that wants to make it big on social media and improve their sales.

8. Formal Writing

 formal writing

Writers actually have a huge career, believe me. People think that they don’t but you are so wrong.

Formal writing is becoming a trend, for example, formal letters, resume making, CVs and things like that. People consider getting these written by a professional because well, there can’t be any mistake or your impression is ruined.

So if you think you’re good at this stuff, you can give this business idea a shot.

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9. Editorial or Content Writing Services

Another business you can set up if you are a great writer. The services you can offer are content writing, social media writing, proofreading, and things related to that.

And hell, you can do this if you have good grammar and for the fields where you aren’t that great, you can hire someone and you will get a lot of freelance orders if you advertise properly, in no time.

Each and every website should include a Blog page to increase its organic traffic and keep their customers informed about there niche topics.

10. Jewelry Making

 Jewelry making

Do you have great jewelry ideas that you are unable to find anywhere and you think people will like it? How about you make some yourself?

Especially if you are good with arts and crafts then you are going to ace this business idea. Nevertheless, you can always create your own designs and hire someone to make them for you.

That’s how you can set up a business and jewelry never goes out of style.

11. HIIT Equipment

HIIT is basically High Intensity Interval Training. This is a system of organizing cardiorespiratory training which calls for repeated bouts of short duration and for these training routines.

There are certain types of equipment that you need separately for every routine. How about selling these types of equipment online or in a shop.

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 12. Gym Wear

How can we miss the craze for gym wear these days?

There are so many types, so many variations, so many qualities, so many designs and whatnot. And people want them every day, new outfits for each day of the week, basically the craze in uncanny.

So you can start a business of gym wear and you will not be disappointed. Choose the best quality and your business will bloom in no time.

13. Plus Size Wear

plus size wear

There a lot of people who go to stores every now and then and see all those off-shoulder clothes, or slip dresses or no size bigger than XXL.

This can be pretty sad because it doesn’t fit them and they need someone to understand their problem and start selling clothes that might actually fit them.

So you can start a business making and selling these plus size wear. It will be a great business idea and you will be loved by the crowd.

14. E-Learning

People want fast results these days and need everything in their hands. If someone wants to learn something new, some new skill or some new course, the first place they go to is the internet.

If you think you have a great talent in anything helpful, you can teach and learn at the same time. For example, photography, painting, playing an instrument, animation, digital art, the choices are endless.

15. Image Consultancy

 image consultancy

Now, this is something that is going to need a certified course. If you think you are really good at knowing how to dress appropriately for a particular occasion, first interview, meetings, weddings, places where impressions play a huge role.

Then you can take up a certified course of image consultancy. It is only a month long and you can start up a unique business with this idea.

16. Translation Services

There are a lot of translation services you can provide online. The most famous one, of course, are the subtitles. A lot of people would have to have subtitles in their mother tongue and if you think you can provide that, it will not take much time before you get a lot of orders.

The other one is teaching someone a language which is another way of earning great money.

The third is being someone’s personal translator for a meeting or helping with their paperwork.

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17. Makeup and Hair Styling

This is really a growing business in India. If you have a love for makeup and hairstyling, you can set up a styling business.

If you can deliver great work, you will earn amazing money. You will have to invest in the equipment, of course, the hair irons and things like that and all the makeup that can be pretty expensive but it will be a great investment once you start getting orders.

18. Baking

Do you love baking? Because a majority of people are sure as hell love to eat cakes and pastries. And if you think that you are good at baking, you can make an amazing career out of this.

You just need to advertise your work enough and make sure that you always get a review for your orders and if that goes up, so does your income, and so does your business.

It will take hard work and commitment but people will love you for the tasty food.

19. Photography


There is a different photoshoot for everything. For seven years of a relationship, first birthdays, anniversaries, pre-wedding, wedding, all the functions, farewells, and I can just keep naming them.

You can take a certified course for photography that you like and start making money out of something that you love to do. You can set up a great photography business in no time and start getting orders through contacts. You can even start with Instagram.

20. Short Films

Do you have great ideas you would like to show people, with a story?

Then you can start your own short films channel on YouTube. Many You-tubers earn millions of dollars through ads, affiliate marketing, promotions, and sponsorship.

You can become famous like PewDiePie, BB KI VINES, and Amit Bhadhana and at the same time earn a whole lot of money.

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 21. Event Planning

Now, this is another amazingly growing business right now. Event planning is something not everyone is good at and there is always one goof-up that does happen.

So in order to make perfect arrangements without any mishappenings, people prefer to hire a professional event planner.

This can be a great business idea, though you might have tight schedules and deadlines and constantly travel but hey, if you think you’ve got it then go ahead.

22. Web Design & Development

 Web design and web development business with a laptop

A lot of people think for some reason that web designing is not a good job or a well-paid job, well you are wrong.

Web design is such an important part of the internet that there are people looking for professionals to hire every day.

There is no degree in it, it just takes a consistent practice with coding.

So if you love coding and have the technical knowledge, there is a great chance for making it big. Start with some freelancing and gradually work your way up.

23. Home Decor Products

You can start up a website or a business page on social media and start selling your home decoration items. These home decor products can be handmade if you are good at arts and crafts.

But if not, you can hire people and you can also buy art and sell it on your page or website. And if you make a perfect set of products for a certain aesthetics of the home furniture, then your product will go a long way. If you have the eye for it.

24. Phone Cases

Coming up with nice memes ideas? or Phrases that can make people laugh? Some designs which will go perfectly with some phone? You can always start a business of phone cases. You can use the most famous ones and come up with unique ideas.

Believe me, if you have some unique ideas you can make a brand name in the market.

25. Relationship Coach

 Relationship coach business

Saved this particular one for the last. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But it can actually be a better business than you can ever imagine.

There is a relationship going down or having little issues that not everyone knows what to do about. And if you think you understand people and their problems you can give it a shot.

People talk to strangers a lot easier when it comes to their problems and if you can be an aid for them, like a therapist then there is nothing better out there for him/her. Social service and money, hand in hand.

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I have given you 25 amazing business ideas for 2020, and all you need is a kick start.

Let’s increase this list to 50 unique business ideas, share your ideas in the comments below.


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