20 Unique ways to become Instagram famous 2019?


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

I must say, people who can display their true self with least permission for misconceptions about their personal life is quite uncommon. We can make it a skill that can be induced by following very simple steps to be Instagram famous without harming the true self that you are.

In this world full of chaos, we forgot the meaning of privacy. We search for peace on apps in our mobile phone, beauty on Instagram, friendship on Facebook and we talk for hours on WhatsApp. We connect with people on Twitter, we learn through Google & we find entertainment on YouTube. This is how we have learned to survive in this era of technology.

We quite often come to a quick conclusion about a person just by viewing the number of followers or friends on their social media handles.

So, we list here 20 eezy peezy ways to become Instagram famous

1. Befriend your insecurity

This is the best way to start with. If you have issues with a different personality, do NOT panic. All your defects or imperfections are going to make you who you are and there is really nothing you can do about it. Accept yourself before you head out into the world struggling to be accepted by people who know you the least. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

2. Content is king

Instagram famous

You need to research, find what you love. Find what people will connect with. Start doing it. Be it a personal handle, a travel blog, a food blog, self-care blog or whatever you wish to show the world. Do your research so you never let your audience down with fallacy.

3. Theme & pattern

Although this is optional, it is a recommended way to attract followers. The key is to organize your handle the way you organize your workplace. Your Instagram handle is no less than your workplace where you do what you love, keep yourself engaged. Sometimes, themes are made by uploading photos with the same contrast, same dimensions or even a watermark. This way, you can make your account look organized and attract followers.

4. Intimacy with reality

You need to get back to the ground. Your content cannot always be fictitious and fantasizing, as the audience sometimes do not connect with the world you create. You need to live in reality with reality. This way you can create a practical impact on your audience.

5. Power of discussion

Discuss issues with your followers. Be it social issues, personal issues or even some generic problems every person faces atleast once in their life, it is important to create an impression which ensures that your support will be there. No matter what happens, you would do your best to help them cope up with it.

6. Positivity

Being positive to one another

Positivity will NOT be both ways. In social media, every person is bound to be criticized, judged and pulled down. You need to keep yourself strong and positive so much that nothing can ever let you down. Your audience will not always look at your success. Your followers will not always stay alongside. You need to work on your own vibe before spreading it.

7. A stand on social issues

It is very important to take a stand. This is majorly for the people who already have a considerably large following. Your followers want to hear from you. They look up to you and your opinions. Giving your opinion about something with rationality is very important. Apply logic, mention your emotion and give it a thought. Give your thought a voice and let the world know what you think.

8. Personal interaction

a person interacting with another

Sometimes, it feels good to open up. Give your audience some easy suggestions. Share your experiences if any and tell them what you did then. This is how you stay connected with people with consistency.

9. Honesty hours

Honesty hours are fun-filled games which let your followers ask you questions for which you give your honest answers for an hour. It gives your audience a platform to know how relatable your life is to theirs, and so it increases recommendations to follow your account.

10. Set a trend

When you do something you love, you do it in your own unique way. You have your own ways to handle it, your own ways to make a mark of yourself. That is exactly what you can do to attract attention. Make up something of your own, maybe a pickup line, a title for yourself or any hashtag which should remind everyone of you. This creates an illusion that you’re a star, whether or not self-proclaimed to being Instagram famous 😉

11. Embrace the trend

Do not be overconfident. Embrace what’s going on around you. Follow the trend, but don’t be a slave to it. Tweak it a bit, have fun with it and show the world that fitting in & standing out has a balance in your case.

12. Originality

DO NOT plagiarise. It is very evident to your viewers and you will be shamed a lot for it. Stay in line with the content you enjoy the most & represent it, don’t reciprocate it.

13. Remain a mystery

mystery person sitting

No matter how much you speak about yourself or share your personal life to your viewers, you need to save a bit of who ‘you’ are to yourself. You need to remain a mystery. Your audience must know everything yet nothing about you. Be a level higher so that intimate incidents of your life are left unknown to your audience, so that your privacy is not invaded. If your privacy is invaded, you will soon get tired of this work. And the tought being Instagram famous fades away.

14. Accepting criticism

You will stumble upon criticism. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to you. You don’t understand why you’re being criticized for something you did not intend to do. Learn to accept it and move on. Do not bend down to destructive criticism. Stand up for yourself, make sure not to put up a fight. 

15. Negating negativity

Cut off the negativity by ignoring it. You don’t need to answer everybody. You don’t need to satisfy everybody’s needs if it is tiring you and you’re losing thrill in it.

16. Sprinkle some sass

Be sassy, not rude. Make sure the person enjoys it without getting offended. Try new puns, have some creative alliterations and entertain your audience in a fun way!

17. Playing a safe game

If you choose to speak up about controversial topics like terrorism & politics, although both go hand in hand (sorry not sorry), be sure to tweak your statements into safe opinions so that you do not get into trouble. One thing you need to remember is, you must never put a public statement in emotion. You have followers who look up to you and it will greatly influence them.

18. Healthy humour

a man being joyful and humors

Your humour should be enjoyable. Although dark humour has been a thing and people think it’s cool, make sure your jokes are accepted happily by all parts of community.

19. Ask for opinion

Do not be self-centred. Your Instagram handle is not ONLY about you. It is about all the people who made you who you are, who inspired you to be who you are and who drove you to start an Instagram page in the first place. So ask for suggestions. Share your life experiences and ask what would they do if they were in your place.

20. Inspiration

a person being on a top of mountain

Share your mantra for success. Inspire young audience. Try your best to make people look up to you. Be yourself, do not fake.

These are just a few ways to connect to your audience and become instagram famous. In no other way can you be famous because fame comes with responsibility and if you are responsible enough beforehand, fame is the very next step.

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