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20 Best Online Business Ideas To Implement This Quarantine


Maitri Seth

There seems to be a limited range when it comes to online business ideas. The Covid-19 Pandemic had greatly paced down all the economic activities in the world. It felt stagnant and unproductive.

But, with time, the gradual leniency shown towards the lockdown conditions in various nations, life seems to be returning back to its original track.

Also, one thing that this Quarantine has taught us is to work efficiently, from home, and contribute to the economic upraise as general But, when it comes to aspiring entrepreneurs, they are likely to face more hurdles as a startup is difficult to initiate online by just sitting at your cozy couch.

So, here I am putting forth some of the fresh online business ideas which the budding entrepreneurs can ponder upon

1. Fashion For Old- Online Business Ideas

Online Business Idea

You might have seen a number of websites or portals which facilitate the masses with online shopping. And when it comes to clothing and fashion, such sites have massive popularity and hence, are something common these days.

But, have you ever seen any such portal just dealing with fashion for the older people, or the senior citizens? Hardly, it is found. So, an online business idea in such a fashion would definitely be a trendsetter.

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2. Matrimonial Sites For The Third Gender

Love has no boundaries and even marriage shouldn’t have any. It can always be a personal choice irrespective of the gender. Even after the revocation of article 377, it is still difficult for the citizens to understand the other genders.

Hence, an online matrimonial site, also empowering the LGBT community, is not just an online business idea, but also a great initiative for social welfare.

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3. Online Counseling- An Online Business Idea

online business idea

In this world where negativity, has unfortunately become a part of every individual’s life, the counseling holds extreme importance. And online counseling can be of great help during this stressful quarantine.

You need not step out of your house and if your family or neighborhood is a bit regressive and casual about mental health, you need not even disclose this to anyone and can receive sessions at home on your phone. So, this also helps you to be private about your mental health status.

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4. Best Out of Waste

You might have done this in your school. But, can you imagine an earning out of this activity? Such a portal can not only sell the products made out of the waste but also can teach people the same so that they can also to some extent, make the best use of the available resources.

This is another online business idea for quarantine.

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5. Promoting Artforms

There are a lot many platforms who teach you about a particular art form like dancing, singing, writing, etc, but there are very few that promote these art forms. It is like an online portal where you can send your piece and that piece would be promoted by the portal in the best possible way.

It is somewhat similar to an advertising agency found at cheaper rates of subscription. This would not only help you generate your revenue but would also motivate younger talents and aspirers.

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6. The Ethical World- An Online Business Idea

online business idea

I think the world is missing out on ethics today. Also, quarantine has become the time for self-introspection for some people. Hence, this is a high-time to put forth the real knowledge of the world via content on genres like Philosophy, religion, and ethics.

One may also present a deep interpretation and analysis of the current events, for better perception. This is also a unique online business idea.

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7. Sex Education

The importance of sex education is known to many but is recognized by few. And in a country like India, where sex is popular, still a taboo, such education becomes much more important and of course, difficult to teach.

But, online media is the best way to provide sex education, as it is quite popular amongst the youngsters, and again like mental health, it can also be kept private in case your family disagrees with your notion about sex education and refuses to give any.  

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8. Old is Gold

online business idea

History always repeats itself and that is why we always say that Old is Gold. Beat fashion, clothing, or furniture older trends always come back with a modern touch- A 2.0 version of their own selves.

Hence, in this online business idea, we try to create a new version of the  Indian Traditional furniture and other traditional products like interiors, showpieces, paintings, and even utensils and give them a fresh, young touch to sell them.

Also, customize options can be made available to the customers and they can also give their old furniture for renovation.

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9. Wedding Planning- An Online Business Idea

Quarantine weddings are different. Yes, they are, because they are of a low-budget with a limited population. But, the most inconvenient part of these weddings is when everything has to be done at home and from home. So, here the importance of wedding planners increases manifold.

In this business, the wedding will not just be planned via an online portal but also everything will be purchased and all the arrangements would be made by the same planners and would be delivered. Now all the family has to do, is to supervise things and celebrate at home.

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10. Audio Books- An Online Business Idea

Are you tired of reading books on screen? Just because you have enough time to read and lesser provisions for home delivery, you can’t put your eyes at stake! A portal for Audiobooks is an amazing online business idea that would attract book-lovers.

Here, not only you can listen to the content but can also upload your own in audio form. It can be a novel by Dan Brown or something self-composed, it doesn’t matter! So, listen to stories and share them.

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11. Replacing Chinese Apps

online business idea

After the ban of Chinese Applications, we really need Indian alternatives for such apps which have been immensely used by the Indian population for years.

So, an Indian version of Tiktok, Shareit and Shein will not only contribute to the development of the nation, but also will gain massive popularity amongst the masses.

Hence, one should not delay in adopting this online business idea.

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12. Video Ad-Making Agencies

Now, you would wonder how a video ad could be made during Quarantine. I think modern Graphics, animation, and other techniques are enough for the resolution of this issue.

There are several other methods of creating advertisements, other than the traditional process of ad filmmaking. For this, experts in designing, graphics, animation, and editing are needed to work in collaboration.

These ads are more economical. Even actors can be hired at lower rates as they can shoot at their homes and can send the shoots to the agency. Also, fresh faces can be easily given a chance by auditioning online. And all this can be done by sitting at home, online via such agencies.

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13. Online Theatre Classes

Well for a true artist, it is hard to stay away from the stage for long. Acting is a skill that needs consistency in hard work and utmost discipline. But quarantine, has still kept the lights and action, off.

So, online theatre classes are a medium by which not only the aspiring actors can learn this art, but also many professionals can practice it and earn their living in this critical time.

So, this is a great opportunity for those artists who wish to quench their thirst for acting.  

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14. Teaching Coding And Ethical Hacking

online business idea

 Many people are seen taking an interest in coding and ethical hacking during quarantine these days. Also, there are lesser portals available in this category.

So, if anybody is an expert in this tech field, can fearlessly come up and make a complete profit out of his skill. Because this is unique and trendy.

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15. Selling COVID Related Products

Online selling and home delivery of such products is a very good online business idea as this is not just a huge necessity but today is also associated with social welfare, especially during Quarantine. So, you may go for it!

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16. Online Courses And Internships

online business idea

This is again the current demand. Students, during this Pandemic, are deeply affected as their education is also, at stake. Hence, instead of killing their time, they are trying to make the most of the available time. Hence, an online internship or an online course is of much help these days.

Also, as highly reliable sites are limited in this case, this also turns out to be a great business option during quarantine.  

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17. Fitness And Quarantine- An Online Business Idea

Although many people are already working much on it, it is a good online business idea as maintaining fitness indoors is really difficult.

Hence, an online website or application for Yoga or workout classes can greatly help during Quarantine.

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18. E-commerce ‘Swadeshi’ Sites

Promoting Indian goods is always needed as modern India is under much influence of the west. So, it is our responsibility to preserve our culture. With the help of the E-commerce online sites, one can easily promote the sale of Indian goods by selling them and avoiding others.

This online business idea would not just help you but would also help those Indian laborers and craftsmen who are struggling with life during the Covid-19 outbreak and striving to get some employment.

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19. Online Courses for Filmmaking

online business idea

Filmmaking is a blend of multiple skills and art forms. And this makes it even more difficult to learn. Hence, proper training in filmmaking is necessary in order to pick this up as a profession. But, the problem comes when you cannot step out of your home as filmmaking comprises of a lot of fieldwork also.

Hence, by providing the aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to learn this beautiful art would be an amazing thing to do! These online courses can help them loads during this Quarantine Also, as there are a limited number of courses available for filmmaking online, it is again an emerging trend.

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20. Home-Cooked Food Delivery

There is a huge part of the country’s total population, at present, which is not just suffering from this outbreak, but is also witnessing days of starvation. And the reason is not just poverty. There are many people who are currently living away from their families in different cities and are stuck there. And many of them can’t cook well.

So, providing them with home-cooked food on a regular basis is a good online business idea. It is much similar to a ‘Tiffin Service‘. You can also help the poor by supplying them with food at minimal rates.

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Therefore, these online business ideas cannot only benefit an aspiring entrepreneur but also many other people with whom the person would collaborate.

Your business can provide employment to many, who are during this pandemic, craving for it. So, I hope that you liked these ideas. For helping us with more unique ideas or suggestions, you may use the comment box. 

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This period of COVID-19 outbreak is not an easy row to hoe for us. But, nothing is permanent. All we need is to make the best out of our Quarantine time with patience, hard work, and discipline. So, Stay home and Stay Safe!


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