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20 Major Benefits of Doing Theatre Other Than Acting


Maitri Seth

Theatre as an art form, can be defined as the traditional medium of visual story-telling. It comprises of a stage or an open space upon which the artists together, enact a fictional or a non-fictional story in an extremely creative style. One of the performing arts, theatre shows are always live, performed in front of a considerable group of audience.

Theatre or drama actually, is not just an art form, it is an expression. The professional artists consider it as an art worth worshipping! But, to others, it might just seem to be a medium of entertainment till they get aware of the benefits of doing theatre.

So, given below are some of the major advantages of doing a theatre

1. Effective Communication Skills

benefits of doing theatre

Theatre greatly enhances one’s communication capabilities as it is all about convincing and connecting with the audience. Your body language, expression, speech, and voice modulation, and even the story-telling are important aspects that determine your performance and its impact on the audience.

And all these also constitute the verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. Hence, if you do theatre you are more likely to interact with the people in a more effective way as you somehow understand the right tactics behind it.

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2. Increases Confidence

There are many people who wish to communicate but couldn’t gather enough confidence to be able to interact with people. The fear of being judged is the biggest barrier out here. And hence, one of the benefits of doing theatre is that it helps you overcome this fear with time. You go on stage, fail multiple times, perform again and again till you don’t get an applause!

And during this process, you don’t realize that when your fear and nervousness subdues down to performance pressure, which in fact, further helps you to perform even better. Your weakness becomes your strength after some time! And this confidence, generated on the stage helps in your real life too.

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3. Teaches Discipline- Benefits of Doing Theatre

benefits of doing theatre

You ask any theatre expert, that what is the most important thing required to become an artist. Most of the experts answer- Discipline. Without it, you cannot learn the art. A certain attitude comprising of diligence, punctuality, determination, consistency, fitness, will power, and self-belief is required which are collectively termed as Discipline.

Theatre makes you extremely disciplined as an indiscipline one cannot survive in this world, especially when it comes to acting. And this trait is not just limited to a particular art form, but discipline is the key to success in almost every possible profession.

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4. A Boon For Introverts

Theatre is a wonder for those who are less likely to directly interact with the masses, not because they are less confident or shy but because they are less expressive, naturally. But, that does not mean that they do not wish to share their opinions.

Hence, such people tend to become better writers and actors, because this is an indirect method of presenting your opinions or telling your stories to the masses. So, art forms like theatre and filmmaking become the voice of such people which is not less than a boon for introverts!

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5. Teamwork- Benefits of Doing Theatre

benefits of doing theatre

Teamwork is one of those traits which ensure the success of a project. And theatre is the best medium by which you can imbibe this quality in you. From Idea Generation to Production stages everything is done collectively as a team.

Even when it comes to performing on stage, every actor depends on his co-actors and the people behind the wings. So, one of the benefits of doing theatre is that you learn to work in coordination and with cooperation with everybody, as a team.

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6. Quality is More Important

benefits of doing theatre

Artforms like theatre, standup comedy, or concerts, etc. are such which give you instant reviews from the audience as they are performed live. So, if your set or play is not a tight one or is not presented well, you can see the disappointment over the faces of the audience. Hence, after this, money and fame begin to matter less.

The number of productions created also doesn’t matter then. All you crave for is appreciation! That’s it. This makes you respect the qualitative aspects of any piece and hence you focus more on the quality. This is also quite applicable in real life.

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7. Enhances Creative Skills

benefits of doing theatre

Creativity is needed in almost every profession, especially when comes to any business. Without a creative mindset, no professional can stand out amidst the competition of today. Hence, theatre is an art that can make you learn much about creativity as it involves a lot of it.

From plotting up a story to giving life to the characters designed in words and dialogs, everything involves creativity, every time.

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8. Working Under Limited Resources

Unlike full-fledged filmmaking, theatre productions have a limited number of resources, not because they are low-budget productions but, because of the limited space available. As it is performed on a stage, there are no live locations, and huge sets can not be constructed.

Also, in most of them, there are no cameras. So, this art form is extremely performance-oriented. Hence, theatre teaches you to perform under limited resources by making the best use of it. It teaches you ‘Jugaad’ in the best way.

Also, being performance-oriented it gives greater opportunities to an actor making such acting quite different from that of filmmaking. That is why theatre is also known as the ‘Actors Artform’.

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9. Increased Commitment and Concentration

benefits of doing theatre

It is a little difficult to believe, but yes, theatre, involves extreme commitment and concentration, especially in writing and acting. You might have seen actors preparing for their characters. They often look weird and unstable. But, they are required to do that because after all, it is not easy to give life to a character. 

Similarly, writing requires huge perspectives. A writer sees a story from all the possible dimensions which require commitment and concentration because what you write should be worth visualizing! And theatre teaches you all.

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10. Makes You a Good Human

Now, this is one of the most important, still least recognized, benefits of doing theatre. When you get involved in a story immensely or you live a character to its depth, you understand the various perspective of life. You understand various perceptions, mindsets, and behaviors.

This makes you sensitive towards everybody. You love the good more and hate the evil less. You feel pity for the deprived and also for those who are not stable, All in all, theatre is one of those art forms that make you a better human.

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11. Overall Fitness-Benefits of Doing Theatre

benefits of doing theatre

Overall fitness includes physical, mental, and psychological fitness. And theatre demands that. Not just theatre, but every other field. In theatre, you tend to practice some exercises (both physical and mental) like stretching, yoga, voice exercises, brain games, and improvisation exercises that contribute immensely in developing the health and fitness of an individual to a much extent.

12. Working Under Pressure-Benefits of Doing Theatre

Performance pressure as earlier mentioned, is like an adrenaline. It pushes you to perform better, because you stand in a ‘do or die’ situation when you perform live. So, either you win the crowd or you become an embarrassment. Theatre hence, helps to develop the ability to work under pressure in one of the best ways possible.

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13. Increases Adaptability And Flexibility

benefits of doing theatre

Another benefits of doing theatre also include that it increases your flexibility, especially for actors. You need to be so flexible that you can mold yourself into any character.

And for this, an actor needs to step out of his/her comfort zone. This also teaches you adaptability, not only on stage but also in real life.

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14. Strength Against Negativity And Failure

Theatre or filmmaking is one of the shakiest fields in terms of profession and business. Failures and inconsistency or unpredictability becomes a part of your life.

And also, with time you get to learn how to deal with it because that remains the only way to survive. Also, constant trolling or negativity makes you stronger.

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15. Develops Leadership Qualities

Especially when you are directing a play in a theatre, You learn how to establish collective growth. Leadership qualities are an important trait in other fields too, just like teamwork.

Considering everyone’s opinions, resolving conflicts, and also ensuring the best for the project is not an easy thing to do, but theatre, gradually helps you learn that.

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16. The Power of Surrender

In contrast to the above point, on one hand, where theatre teaches you much about the leadership, it also makes you aware of the power of surrender. Sounds weird no? For actors, it is extremely important to surrender to the director’s and the writer’s vision.

Because a director is not just the captain but also the mother of a masterpiece. The way these two visualize the story is actually the best version of the same.

This is because a director or writer goes to the depths of all the possible dimensions and perceptions, but an actor is focussed on just his character’s dimension and perception. Hence, cooperating with the makers is important and if one does it, and gives required inputs, it is something not less than a power.

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17. Creates Self-Awareness

benefits of doing theatre

One of the main benefits of doing theatre is that it makes you self- aware. When you write something or play a character you get to learn a lot during the process. You learn much about life also. You tend to compare you and your life with the story and its characters.

This many times makes you understand your personal qualities and flaws which ultimately helps immensely in your personal growth and development.

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18. A Stress Buster-Benefits of Doing Theatre

Theatre is broadly a fun activity. Yes, there is an immense responsibility too, but in the end, you enjoy the process which many people seek in their respective professions. The joy and satisfaction of doing what you want is different!

And theatre sets you free to express to much extent. You forget all your worries and problems as soon as you step into the space and into the soul of the character.

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19. Multitasking And Versatility

In theatre, you are not so restricted to one particular task or activity. It is not like if you an actor, you can’t write the play or vice-versa. In fact, theatre artists are usually multitaskers and versatile. And all helps them personally too.

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20. The Best Way to Begin

benefits of doing theatre

Last but not the least, one of the most important benefits of doing theatre is when you are a beginner and wish to pursue a career in the field of acting or writing. Theatre is an art form that is quite grounded and basic.

It doesn’t involve much intricacies like filmmaking and it doesn’t require experts in certain fields like graphics, editing, or cinematography. And being performance-oriented, it is the best way to learn acting in its real and most authentic form.

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Therefore, theatre is not just a medium of entertainment, but is a practice which has a traditional legacy. It teaches much about life and its aspects. But, unfortunately, it is not as popular as it needs to be, due to the influence of cinema.

Hence, it is important to understand this art form and cherish it to the best. Also, if you wish to learn this art form, go for it fearlessly. And if this time, your mother underestimates it and says ‘ Yeh kya Drama kar rahi hai!’, make her watch a beautiful play. She probably will understand!


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