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15 Major Steps On How To Become An Actor In India


Maitri Seth

Becoming an actor is never as easy as it seems. And in India, it turns out to be even more tricky, because just talent and skill will not lead you into it, at least in the Bollywood industry. In our country, cinema is the most celebrated thing after festivals, and board examinations! Hence, every third person in this country wishes to become an actor. But, there are certain steps involved in becoming an actor.

Most of them ignore, many try, some strive, a few struggle and few get through it. As per statistics, the success rate of an actor in Bollywood is 1:10000, i.e., only one person in ten thousand becomes an actor in the industry. Although, the ratio is a little higher in the regional cinema and in theatre, yet it is not at all easy. But don’t panic. It’s difficult but not impossible. A blend of hard and smart work can help you to walk towards success.

So, here are some steps that would help you to become an actor in India

1. Recognize Your Interests

Recognize Your Interests

Acting is a highly passion-driven profession. So, if you cannot put your heart and soul into it, you are not meant for it. So, first, make sure that you are extremely interested in this craft and not in just the shimmery side of it.

After all, success is always temporary and every actor cannot become a star. All in all, you should aspire to become an actor and not just a star.

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2. Realize Your Potentials

Realize Your Potentials

After determining your interest in the field, it is the time to understand what flaws and pros do you have in the context of this profession. For instance, do you have the ability to face the crowd confidently? Or can you survive in such an unpredictable, less consistent profession? There are a lot many other questions, because this is not a normal ‘9-5’ desk job.

So, realize your potentials and what do you want and expect from your life. And if it is a match, then go for it!

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3. Consent is Important

Consent is Important

Commitment is not just limited to relationships, you also have to stay committed to your profession. And that is why, whether it is your marriage or your professional life, it is incomplete without the consent and blessings of your parents at least. So, once you get sure about your interests and potentials, try to convince them.

They may take some time to understand. So, be patient. If they don’t, then learn to strike a balance. Do what they expect, and also what you like. It is tricky, but you have to do it, if acting is your dream. So, don’t lose hope. Just work extra.

Consent is especially important for those who wish to become a Bollywood actor because surviving in the shimmery yet dark world of Bollywood without any support from your parents, is extremely difficult.

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4. Work Upon Your Skills

Work Upon Your Skills

Once you get the consent, then start working upon your acting skills, at home only. Watch films and deeply analyze the performances. See interviews of actors or read about them and understand their process. Pick up a character from a book or a short story and try to portray that as per your own perception.  

But most importantly, stay original and develop your own style and perception. Be consistent in your practice because that is what makes a man perfect.

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5. Join Theatre– Steps to Become an Actor in India

Join Theatre-- Steps to Become an Actor in India

If you have access to a theatre, this is pretty amazing. Because theatre is a performance-oriented medium and hence is the best way by which one can learn to act and perform within a limited space and resources. For more details, read the following article.

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6. Get Mentally Prepared

Get Mentally Prepared

This is one of the most important steps to become an actor in India.  As with time, people have started removing their blindfolds and have begun to see the dark side of Bollywood or any other cinema, it is now pretty much clear that how tricky it is to survive in this world.

So, first, research on the work culture of such industries and study about them and then choose whatever suits you. One thing which you should always keep in mind that any kind of instability should not make you unstable and nothing is more important than ethics and intent.

So, hard work has to be the only constant, and success and failure are all temporary.

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7. Fitness- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Fitness- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Fitness is important for an actor, primarily for flexibility. But, unfortunately, if you wish to do a lead role in a typical Bollywood masala film, you need to look physically attractive also. So, workout needs to be a part of your daily routine. Also, fitness is not just about physicality. It is also mental and psychological.

It is very important for an actor to read, in order to have better perceptions about different characters. Also, keeping yourself positive and being emotionally flexible is extremely important. So, practice that.

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8. Vocabulary and Diction

Vocabulary and Diction

Well, if you are not a mime artist, you need to be proficient in whichever language you wish to work. This is because dialogues hold an important position in the talkie films. So, a bad dialog delivery can ruin your performance. Read newspapers daily, aloud, or practice some voice exercises as prescribed by the experts.

For, this you can attend a workshop, webinar, or even watch videos online to be able to get a glimpse of such exercises. There are several online portals that teach acting online. Go through them.

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9. Grooming- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Grooming- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Self- grooming doesn’t mean making yourself sophisticated or modernizing yourself. Just stay the way you are. Try to imbibe certain traits that can make you appear more impressive or convincing. Develop your persona. And all of this can be achieved via grooming.

You may develop better communication skills, or work on your body language. Such skills are not just important for an actor but for almost everybody else.

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10. Dancing- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Dancing- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Well, this is another important skill required in the theatre and film industry of India. Dance-drama in theatre has also gained popularity. And everybody is aware of the importance and prevalence of music and dance in Bollywood and other regional cinemas.

So, if you are a good dancer, it not just only improves your screen presence, but can also give more work. So, switch to amazing tunes, and groove.

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11. Migration to The Hub

Migration to The Hub

Now, comes the time to migrate to your city of dreams. It could Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, etc. But, remember to see your finances. It is better to opt for a job or a part-time job in the city in order to earn a few pennies. Because such places, especially Mumbai are highly expensive and you cannot just rely on your parent’s money even if you come from a middle-class family.

Hence, as I said before, support from your family is important to survive in the city. This is the difference between an easier reality and the hard-fictional struggle. Both exist, and, it is all about your choice.

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12. Networking


This is one of the most important steps to become an actor in India. Developing a network in the industry becomes extremely important since the initial stages of this profession. Now, there are several ways to do so. You may connect online via various social networking sites with the help of a well-updated profile.

You can go to the high-profile parties if already have some contacts. Actors both in India and Hollywood higher agents for networking. Also, it is important for you to connect with the people of the industry at a personal level in order to stay noticeable and get more work.

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13. Audition- Steps to Become an Actor in India

Audition- Steps to Become an Actor in India

The process of auditioning starts as soon as one enters the city. An audition also has a well-defined process. You need to prepare a good portfolio for it first. The process is extremely tedious and tiring. There are many things to keep in mind while auditioning. You may find the details in the article below.

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14. Hard Work Is The Key to Success

Hard Work Is The Key to Success

There are many people who switch to unethical ways for an easy and fast success. All this expands the dark side of such industries. Nepotism, Favouritism, Gangism, Movie mafias, casting couch, bullying, harassment, drugs, and smuggling; The basic intent every such unethical and illegal activity is the greed for success.

So, never forget that you are primarily a human and your main aim should be to maintain humanity within and around you. Also, successes attained with such illegal processes are temporary, which have catastrophic results in the long run. People often face personal and professional betrayals because of this.

So, Beware! Because hard work is the only key to success here. 

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15. Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is an unavoidable component of such an inconsistent, unpredictable, and emotion-oriented profession. Especially, in Bollywood, many actors and filmmakers go through the phases of stress and depression. Hence, stress management is an extremely important factor to keep yourself stable and keep going.

Also, this field needs immense patience so never lose it. Always stay grounded and close to family and true friends. Do not greed for fame and money and stay away from drugs or any sought of excessive addiction. Live a simple life. All this will help find peace and light even in the dark.

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Therefore, there are several reasons as to why many people resist themselves to even try to become an actor. But, it is only your passion for acting which acts as the driving force. So, if you are passionate enough and have the skill, nothing can stop you from becoming an actor in India.

The above tips can greatly help you in grooming yourself into a talented actor in all the physical, mental, and psychological aspects. All you now need is courage and determination. I hope that this article would have helped you. For more suggestions and reviews, use the comment box below.

Keep Going, because Yes, You Can!

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