15 Basic Things Every Man Must Own To Make Life Simpler
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15 Basic Things Every Man Must Own To Make Life Simpler


Varidhi Yadav

Men are very lazy and depend on their women for even simple favors in life. But if you have these basic things that every man must own then you can at least get half of your life together on your own. I said half.

So, let’s see what are the 15 basic things that a man must own.

1. Novels

Men should read novels and books

No, comics do not fall under the categories of books. Every man should have an impressive collection of books that of course he has read.

Don’t buy it for the sake of keeping it in your house. Reading increases your general knowledge and learning about life.

It will increase your vocabulary on a daily basis and help you make better and more conversations with people around you.

If you haven’t read these then get started right away, 10 Autobiography: Written by most famous personalities.

if you are a fan of Fiction like me, 10 fiction novels: Add these to your bucket list right away!

2. Leather Goods

 basic things that every man must own: Leather Goods

There are two leather things that every man must own.

One, a leather wallet. Please put those bulky faux leather wallets aside and buy a nice slim leather one that will last you literally ten times longer than a normal one. Its skin won’t come off after a while, it won’t look worn out within a year.

Two, a leather belt. For the same reasons, this is another thing you might want to invest well in with a nice buckle.

Before buying any leather good you must know, 7 Basic Difference Between a Real and Fake Leather?

3. Formal Shoes

 basic things that every man must own: Formal Shoes

If you see in a formal setting like at an office or a business meeting, you will notice that the shoes and belts are supposed to match in color.

So it is advised to buy these two in a pair most of the time and wear them together.

These are other things that you should spend good money on as it is super unprofessional to wear even a little worn out shoes to work or in any professional setting.

Need tips on buying men’s shoes, I have the perfect article for you.

4. Dress Shirts

 basic things that every man must own: Shirts

I am very well aware that eighty percent of men out there prefer wearing t-shirts over shirts.

Well, firstly, that makes sure that you are not considered anything more than a boy and secondly, it’s not cool anymore.

It is time for you to fill your wardrobe with some nice dress shirts. For people who think shirts are formal and difficult to maintain, no.

There are non-iron shirts available who are super comfortable and did I mention, attractive?

5. Tailored Suit

 basic things that every man must own: Tailored suit

Now coming back to being formal, I know that there are readymade suits available literally everywhere nowadays.

But the process of choosing a really comfortable fabric, choosing your favorite color and then going to give your measurements to a good tailor has its own charm and is the best-fitted suit of your wardrobe.

6. Ties

 basic things that every man must own: Tie

This is one thing that you cannot skip out of a formal look. You can skip wearing a blazer or a coat for that matter but a tie is a must.

Now the trick that you need to focus on is buying a tie that can be worn on multiple shirts together so you don’t have to buy too many.

Put money on quality so the threads don’t start coming out. Do not buy those funky ties with yellow rubber ducks on them for god’s sake, you are not Ranveer Singh.

7. Grooming Kit

 Grooming Kit for men

one of the basic things that every man must own is a nice personal grooming kit, don’t share one with your roommate. One with all the styling things with moisturizer and aftershave.

You must learn how to take care of your face especially if you get a full growth of a beard.

Maintenance of that is very important and well, often avoided or not given enough value. If that gets messed up, what will you show?

8. Suitcase

suitcase for men

I cannot tell you what to carry when you are going on a vacation with friends to maybe Malibu.

But when it comes to traveling on a business trip, please get a nice, classy suitcase. Preferably get a nice leather one and always try and travel light at least in the bag that you take in the cabin.

You should have to carry a heavy bag around then end up crying about shoulder or back pain after every travel.

9. Classy Pen

carry a Classy Pen

As uncle-ish it sounds, it actually is a very important part of a man’s personality.

It might not seem like a big deal right now but it is out there in the professional world where they only talk facts and numbers.

And to make the right impression, it is important to have a classy pen that you can carry in your pocket and use it just to sign important papers.

Prefer buying a good, maybe a little expensive fountain pen. They last longer.

10. Survival Kit For Car

Survival Kit For Car

Always have a few things stocked up in your car. First is, of course, a bunch of food items, obviously, the packaged food and please don’t eat it off every time you are hungry.

Always have a toolbox in your car in case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A spare pair of clothing, just in case and you know those cases come more often than you think.

And other small things that may cross your mind.

11. Perfume

men should smell nice

I am adding this extremely obvious thing to this list because there are men out there who still don’t use perfume or deodorant.

A good perfume is supposed to be a part of your basic grooming routine. Smelling nice is a symbol of personal hygiene, and they always stand out due to their scent.

12. Workout Kit

men must own a gym kit

It will motivate you to move your ass and start going to the gym.

Have different sets of clothes for the gym, running shoes of course, wrist support, a fancy protein shaker or just a fancy and classy water bottle.

Few of those extras like resistance bands and ankle weights.

Read, 10 Gym accessories everyone should have if you are serious about fitness!

13. Home Office

Built a home office

You must have a clean space in your house which you can dedicate to your work. There are times when you have to work from home or you have extra work so you need to bring it home.

Doing all that work in your bed, in front of the television with a bag of salted chips is the worst way to do it. Have a nice desk and chair where you can put all your work related things and just work there in peace.

14. Diary

Men should carry a diary

You remember how Leonardo in Titanic always kept a diary where he used to draw amazing sketches?

Its okay if you are not an artist, a diary comes very handy to note down ideas, notes or anything random that comes to your mind.

15. Watch

Men must own a Watch

Why do you need a watch when you have a smartphone? Wrong!

You need a watch because it looks so attractive if you match it with your outfit, especially if you are wearing formals.

Watches also stand for status symbols nowadays or you can even try smartwatches which also have other features.

These are some of the basic things that every man must own in his life. It’s all about the right attitude and the choices you make in life.

If you think I missed any basic things that every man must own other than above 15, do let me know in the comments.

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