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12 Tested Ways To Earn Money From Blogging


Maitri Seth

Blogging has become so popular in this tech-savvy world of today, that it offers you enough opportunities to earn money. Yes, by adopting some tricks and business tactics one can sufficiently earn money from blogging.

Blogging is one of the biggest trends in the new media platform, especially when it comes to the content creators. From sharing personal opinions to citizen journalism, blogging facilitates you in multiple ways.

It gives a voice to many, who otherwise, stand incapable of expressing themselves to the people and the masses.

So, below are some of the important methods by which one can earn money via Blogging

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular ways which people use to earn money from blogging. In this, the blogger promotes a product of any other firm and in return receives a commission. In this, the product is not promoted via any advertisements but via proper links.

Such links are placed at any noticeable point on the site so that the visitors of the blog can easily spot it and can make an access to it. More is the purchase of the product, more is the commission.

You can become affiliate partner with Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ShareAshale etc.

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2. Counseling And Consultation

Counseling or consultation is the need of the hour of any growing individual, especially when it comes to youngsters. You can provide a consultation on any subject in which you have an experience, to the aspirers online. You charge some amount every hour for this.

Such counseling and consultation can be done via various modes like video conferencing, telephonic calls, or even chats. You may also arrange meetings or sessions online for the same.

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3. Freelancing- Earn Money Form Blogging

Again, one of the most popular methods, freelancing is a kind of self-employment. You may not be dedicated to a company for longer and work for your own self, but this doesn’t affect the pay you get.

In fact, efficient and diligent freelancers are paid fancy salaries by many. In blogging, writing is the most popular profession when it comes to freelancing.

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4. Advertising And Sponsorship

Advertising is the most used method when it comes to earning money from blogging and is also popular in the initial stages of blogging. In advertising, you sell ad spaces to other entrepreneurs who need to promote their products and services. Hence, advertising links, banner, posts, etc, become an important part of your content and newsletter.

Also, here you may have some clients who are not just satisfied with the advertisements, and hence they also opt for sponsorship, in which your client takes complete hold over your blog, at least when it comes to your advertising strategies, and promote its firm in whichever way possible.

So, you may find frequent popups, huge banners, sponsored tweets and Instagram posts, and even logos of the company and its products in your blogs as per the client’s will.

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5. E-Books- Earn Money From Blogging

If you have a taste for writing and are equally skilled at it, you should go for this one!

Selling an e-book at your blog will help you generate pretty good revenue, This is much better than selling your book to any other sites like Amazon or Flipkart if you have gathered a good number of regular visitors to your site.

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6. Discussion Via Forums

earn money from blogging

Okay, so this is another great option, a blog should not only be meant for the dissemination of information, opinions, or for promotions. If this same blog also appears to be a discussion or sharing platform to the visitors, it increases its viewership as people feel empowered.

They get a right to express and react to any current issue or anything unnoticed. Hence, this helps the blogger in attaining more viewership and generate more revenue.

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7. Events – Earn Money From Blogging

Events - Earn Money From Blogging

Regular events, campaigns, and competitions are a good way to flaunt your activity and regularity on the new media front. Hence, it is a great idea to earn money from blogging.

You may organize or associate with various campaigns like don’t use plastic or save water, can conduct competitions on writing, etc, on a regular basis or may organize online debates for the same. This would again help you to attain mass viewership and visitors.

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8. Online Courses

Online Courses

This is also trendy, especially during this quarantine. This can be understood with the following example. If your blog deals with technology-related content, you can organize online courses and tutorials for various software, or subjects like coding.

You can also make increase the versatility of your blog by teaching courses in various fields. But always keep in mind the demands of the public and the quality of the courses which are the need of the hour. If this turns out to be successful, it can elevate the status of your blog to a much higher level.

Also, in tutorials, you may include various affiliate links or advertise your products, in various other creative ways. Webinars can also be organized.

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9. Merchandise – Earn Money From Blogging

Merchandise - Earn Money From Blogging

Creating merchandise and selling it is another unique way to earn money from blogging. In this, you may attach a shopping site to your blog with a plugin and can sell your manufactured goods accordingly.

Merchandises create massive popularity for your blog and can help to extract a considerable amount of revenue as well.

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10. Premium For Content

Premium For Content

A tricky way to earn money from blogging is by asking a limited amount for accessing any specific set of contents, popularly known as the premium. This is also quite popular these days, In this, the visitor is not allowed to access the content with a premium sign until the visitor pays the mentioned amount.

However, for this, your blog needs to possess a high-quality content and should be considerably popular, else, it can turn the tables around for you. Hence, this not a safe option for beginners.

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11. Job Boards – Earn Money From Blogging

Job Boards - Earn Money From Blogging

Incorporating job vacancies over the blog’s notice board is another good option to gather more frequent visitors. You can update the job board frequently in accordance with the interests and demands of the public. This also doesn’t involve much time and investment and is an easy way to gain popularity.

You can also charge the visitors for further establishing a conversation between the employer and the visitor, instead of giving the complete contact information to your client.

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12. Reviewing


In this, you can review various goods, companies, healthcare centers, hotels, schools, and other such organizations along with films, shows, songs, books, and other kinds of literature. At the same time, you can also ask the visitors to rate and give review as their feedback.

This would not only increase the popularity of your blog and its revenue by attracting more visitors but would also lead to huge interactivity with your clients which can help you to perform better

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Hence, Blogging today is not just an activity to be practiced as a hobby or a sharing platform to share your opinions but is also a considerable option for generating good revenue.

ll we need is to follow certain tricks and tactics to attract maximum visitors. If one stands capable of doing this, Blogging becomes even more interesting and profitable too.

So, don’t resist yourself and go for Blogging, if you have wished to do it!

Share your experience and more ideas in the comments we will update it with credits to your name and link.

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