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12 Tips To Manage Long Hair: For Men


Maitri Seth

Haircare is both a concern and a need in the world of today. Now, there are several reasons associated with it. In a country like India, where pollution is nowhere less common and a majority of population witness diversity in weather conditions, providing extra care towards skin and manage long hair becomes necessary. Also, the food, milk, and other nutritional supplements no longer remain unadulterated. From chemical pesticides in food crops to injecting fruits for early ripening, such things adversely affect the health of an individual.

But, when it comes to maintaining long hairs, only women constitute the targeted community. We forget that even some men today show a keen interest in hair styling. So, these tips and tricks are not just meant for men today and they also need qual recommendations and suggestions.

So, here are some tricks that can help men to manage and maintain long hair and their quality

1. Oiling- The Old And Gold Method

Oiling is the best method by which one can attain and maintain long hair. It stimulates hair growth, keeps the hair away foam from Dandruff and Dry scalp, and also prevents them from premature greying. It provides nutrition to the hair and hence maintain its quality by inducing strength and shine to it.

Oiling and head massage lead to better blood circulation which is beneficial for both the brain and the hair. Coconut oil is considered as the best one for hair oiling, especially for dry scalp. Else, Almond oil, Indian Gooseberry Oil, mustard oil etc, are other great options.

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2. Learn to Shampoo-Manage Long Hair

Interestingly, there is also a particular way to shampoo your hair. Always apply oil and keep it for at least one hour before shampooing (However, keeping oily hair overnight is the best option). You should never wash your hair with hot water, as it removes all the minerals and nutrients present in your hair and scalp.

Choose the right shampoo for you. And this is not that difficult. All the brands mentioned on the containers that for what hair type are they meant. Then, another misconception is that you should wash your hair daily for their better quality.

That is not true. Washing your long hair twice a week during winters and thrice a week during summers is fine as you sweat more in summers. Always use your fingertips while massaging your hair with shampoo. Also, creating a froth out of shampoo and then applying it is much better than using it directly as it helps in better application and less wastage.

Never apply the shampoo twice, if the oil gets removed in the first go itself. Be gentle with your hair during the process as rubbing your hair would lead to more hair fall.

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3.Conditioning- Manage Long Hair

There are people, especially men who consider conditioning hair after shampooing as a waste of time and money. But, conditioning hair is highly important for getting a smoother and tangle-free hair results. Try to use a conditioner which is of the same brand as that of the shampoo.

Overusing a conditioner can lead to frizzy hair, so take care of the quantity you are using.

4. The Art of Using Rubber Bands

Men with long hair often tie their hair. But, they forget to take care of the accessories they are using to style their hair. Never use too tight hairbands. It leads to excessive stretching of your hair and can make your hair frizzy, once you remove the band.

Using cloth hair bands is a better option. This is another way to manage long hair for men.

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5. Trim Regularly- Manage Long Hair

One common misconception related to growing and manage long hair is that one does not need to trim the hair as trimming decreases the length of the hair. But, surprisingly, it has been proved that regular trimming is essential for the growth of a healthy long hair.

So, avoid any cuts but never refuse to trim. As per experts, hair should be trimmed every three months for healthy growth.

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6. Choose Your Hairbrush

The comb or hairbrush you use is also an important factor in managing long hair. In the case of a comb, choose a wide-tooth comb for detangling your hair, a tail comb for styling, and a fine-tooth comb for creating volume.

When it comes to brushes, a paddle brush is best for detangling, a heated round brush for curling, teasing brush for adding volume, etc. IN order to know more about various hairbrushes and their applications visit[ An external Link]

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7. Ponytails- Manage Long Hair

In order to manage long hair for men, a bad ponytail can be an obstruction. Always avoid keeping a tight ponytail for long. It does not only affect your hair by excessively stretching it and weakening the roots but also affects your health.

A tight ponytail often causes headaches by affecting blood circulation and can also lead to migraine issues. Especially before going to bed, make sure to untie your ponytail.

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8. Grooming Equipment And Their Use

Not only women, even men are obsessed with hair grooming. But for men with long hair, the hair grooming products are slightly different. There are a number of fiber hair creams, dry shampoos, oils, boost powders, finishing texture creams and wax and lotions available online. However, these are are not found in every shop next to the door.

But, again overusing them can be harmful to your hair as after all, they are all chemicals. Also, see to the ingredients of the product before buying any of them. All these products are meant to be used occasionally.

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9. Hair Drying-Manage Long Hair

When it comes to drying your hair, people tend to get much impatient. Due to hectic schedules we often switch to hairdryers, but it is important to understand that such equipment are just meant for emergencies. Using a hairdryer is an unnatural method of drying your hair, as our hair gets exposed to excessively hot air, which is harmful for the hair.

Only natural methods like air drying or towel drying should be used generally.

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10. Be Patient-Manage Long Hair

If you wish to grow long hair, you need to have a lot of patience which men usually lack, From its hygiene to its grooming and styling everything is important but a bit difficult in case of long hair. So, here the ultimate key to success is Patience!

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11. Learn to Style-Manage Long Hair

Styling is an important thing today. As men with pretty long hair are not much appreciated, they are no more looked differently if they style their hair perfectly. This makes styling even more important for men with long hair. A man bun or ponytail, half tie, and mid-parting are some of the trends associated with long hair for men, today.

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12. Homemade Methods and Diet

Last, but not at all least, a proper vitamin and protein-rich diet is extremely important for proper growth and management of long hair. Also, there are several homemade methods which turn out to be immensely beneficial for better hair maintenance.

Applying eggs with olive or lavender oil, curd, fish oil, aloe vera, onion juice, fenugreek, and even used green tea bags are some of the best methods. Vitamins and intake of enough water and milk is also extremely important for proper hair growth.

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Hence, it is not easy for men to manage long hair. But, with a little extra effort and immense patience, you can achieve good results. It is a time taking process and requires a good amount of time investment also. But you have no other option if you wish to look good. So, gear up and start working on it. You can do it!

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