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10 Women Safety Tips That Every Girl Should Follow


Varidhi Yadav

Girls are so unsafe in this country, it breaks my heart. I wrote this article focusing on women safety tips and what you should and shouldn’t do.

Everyday there is a news article about rape or sexual assault. It’s so sad that almost every woman has been a victim of eve-teasing at least once in her life 

I’m going to list 10 most basic women safety tips that will keep you alert and ready for any uncertainty.

1. Always Keep Your Phone Charged

Women Safety Tips

It does not freaking matter if you are running late, you better charge it enough for your way and carry the charger so you can charge it in your college or workplace.

Keep emergency numbers on speed dial without fail and memorize what is wear. Make a template so you can quickly send an SOS message.

2. Always Carry a Weapon

Women Safety Tips

No, not a gun. I’m talking about pepper spray or a pop-up knife. And remember, it is not your secret weapon. You don’t have to keep it hidden until you really need to use it.

Keep that thing in your hand the very second you feel unsafe. Don’t wait till you’re tired of running or something to use it. Use it every chance you get.

3. Prepare For Your Travel In Advance

10 Women Safety Tips That Any Girl Can Follow

If it’s the office hours then, of course, it’s alright to travel but in case you’re traveling late at night.

Maybe after a long day or after some party, please do not use public transport. No matter how much people say it might be safe, it’s bloody not.

Always take your personal vehicle and if you don’t have any or if you can’t drink and drive then make prior arrangements with a trustworthy friend to drop you or ask them to pick you up in advance.

4. Avoid Empty Areas

Avoid Empty Areas

Either you are traveling in a personal vehicle or you are traveling in a rickshaw or taxi, do not go into empty streets and all just for the sake of shortcuts. Not even in the middle of the day.

When walking towards your car in an empty parking lot, look inside the windows first and then sit inside and locks all the doors first.

Don’t be looking on your phone or reading the bill, drive the hell away.

5. Never Trust a Stranger

Never Trust a Stranger

No matter how much trouble you are or how lost you are, do not blindly trust any stranger. Don’t ask for help until you feel that absolutely nothing is wrong.

Even if you do ask for help, just do your work and walk away. Don’t take a lift from an unknown person. If you are really not able to figure out anything then call someone you know to come and get you.

6. Always Tell Someone Where You Are Going

Always Tell Someone Where You Are Going

One person must always know where you are. Be it your father, mother, brother, sister, boyfriend, best friend or anyone else you deeply trust.

So that in case you don’t reach home in time or if your phone is unreachable and the scenario doesn’t look good, they can come looking for you.

7. Trust Your Gut Instinct

Trust Your Gut Instinct

Believe me, a woman’s gut feeling is so strong that it can do wonders. If you don’t like the vibe around someone, walk away. You don’t like the energy in a room, get out.

If you think something is not right in your surroundings, call for help. Don’t think twice, it can be too late. You need to be really quick when it comes to such situations.

8. Stand Up For Yourself

Stand Up For Yourself

If you have a feeling of someone being inappropriate with you, shout! Don’t wait for things to get worse. Don’t expect anyone else to stand up for you. Most people are quite hypocrites regarding this.

They post against eve-teasing on social media and don’t do anything when it happens in front of their eyes. Show self-confidence, it scares most offenders away.

9. Raise a Voice Against Cybercrime

Raise a Voice Against Cybercrime

This is the most common popular place where women are offended every day, every hour. Keep your personal life a little away from social media such as your location or there are chances of attracting stalkers.

Don’t just ignore inappropriate messages, block and report that particular person.

Need more advice on how to stay safe online? Read our article on, “Online safety: Follow these measures every time you browse the internet

10. Join a Self Defense Class

women safety tips

Okay I get it boys are designed to be physically defense, but it’s not at all about wrestling or defeating a boy in a fight.

When nothing goes right this can be your backup plan. Haven’t you heard? Laato ke bhooth baaton se nahi mante!

Watch this video of Self Defence Techniques for girls by Delhi Police.

The world is way too cruel. People don’t think twice before doing something wrong and if you are the victim, then society won’t think twice before blaming you.

But always remember your rights as a woman.

Always raise your voice against anything you don’t like. The world will change, people’s mentality will change.

Till then stay safe by following the above mentioned women safety tips and enjoy your life like an independent woman you are.

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