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10 Ways To Overcome Stage Fear And Be More Confident


Varidhi Yadav

Overcoming Stage Fear is a long journey. It is more common than one might think. That anxiety, the nervousness, sweating, it can all happen to anyone and the first thing you need to understand is that it is completely normal.

So, here are 10 basic things that you can do to overcome stage fear.

1. Work On Your Communication Skills

Work On Your Communication Skills

It is important to know how to communicate with the audience. Obviously, it is the most basic thing you must work on to get overcome stage fear.

The eye contact, the vocabulary, the confidence, it is all counted under this. You use this application called Orai.

The app uses artificial intelligence to become your speech coach to overcome stage fear. You can record your speech in it and after analyzing, it will give you tips to improve.

2. Practice Repeatedly To Overcome Stage Fear

Practice Repeatedly To Overcome Stage Fear

Practice makes a man perfect. Now that you have the tips and tricks from Orai, you need to practice as much as you can.

You will never be fully prepared for anything. But you can only get better each time. And this will of course also boost your confidence and finally you overcome stage fear.

3. Avoid Caffeine Before Going On Stage

Avoid Caffeine Before Going On Stage

I don’t think I need to explain why you should highly avoid caffeine. It will legit make you even more hyper and anxious than you might be in the beginning.

It will elevate all your senses instead of calming you down. But you definitely can have some citrus drink if you really want to drink something for breakfast.

Maybe go for a nice glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or some lime juice.

4. Stop With The Negative Talk

Stop With The Negative Talk to overcome stage fear

Now, this rarely happens that people will come and talk to you negatively that will make you lose all the confidence and increase the stage fright even more.

You will be doing all the negative talking to yourself.

You will be making these thoughts in your own mind that people will be really judging you right, that you will not be able to stand up to their expectations which is absolutely not true and needs to be stopped.

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5. Reach Early But Not Too Early

Reach Early But Not Too Early

You are the speaker, I understand but you don’t have to make some sort of grand entry.

You don’t need to enter in the spotlight that too considering you already are having stage fright. It is best to reach a bit early to analyze the place well.

You must see how many people are out there, how the stage is, where you will be standing or if you can walk and talk, where you can keep your notes and all that jazz.

But again if you reach too early your overthinking might take over your confidence.

6. Breathe To Calm Down

Breathe To overcome stage fear

I’m not saying this as a notation to calm down. I am legit asking you to breathe.

Take really deep breaths into the stomach. It will help you get rid of all the butterflies you have been feeling for a while. It really helps you to calm down and of course your brain will start thinking better.

Calming down will help you know that it is actually not as big a deal as you are making out of it. Just relax and don’t overstress about practicing it just before the show.

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7. Visualize The Positive Outcome

Visualize The Positive Outcome

Now here comes the counter to all the negative thoughts. You don’t just have to avoid thinking about all the negative thought.

And you are also supposed to visualize the best outcome. Then you should think that you are going to ace this speech and think about that applause and appreciation in the end.

If you will imagine the best, you will gain more confidence and work towards the positive picture you just made.

8. Expect And Accept

Expect And Accept

You know that you have stage fright and you very well know that you are going to feel anxious before the things get done.

So the first thing is obvious that you should expect it come despite all the measures you take. Second is that you need to accept it. Don’t try to stop it because then it will become even stronger.

Instead, it is time for you to work through it. Hold it together on the stage till it goes away, it will go away I promise.

9. Never Apologize To The Audience

Never Apologize To The Audience

When you get on that stage, when you are the one speaking and no one else is allowed to utter a word, you have the control of the entire room.

No one is going to point out your mistake if you mispronounced a word or used the wrong grammar so don’t apologize.

Also, don’t apologize if you are nervous because most of the times people don’t even notice that but if you mention it then they are bound to raise expectations and eyes.

10. Be Natural When You Get On The Stage

Yes, the most basic thing that you must do is be natural up there. When you say a speech, you don’t have to memorize the whole thing.

You write points and then talk about it in your own words. If you memorize it then your speech has already gone downhill.

You also need to talk to them like it’s a one on one conversation like you are sharing your personal experience for them to relate to something and understand better.

These are the 10 things you can do to overcome your stage fear. It will take time for you to overcome it completely.

But again, consistency with these basic things will definitely help you and you will be a better public speaker than you thought you were capable of.

Watch this video of Danish Dhamani the Co-founder of Orai app on how he overcame his stage fear?

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