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10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel


Nicole Goldman

Before starting a YouTube channel people think about money, fame, and some just want to share their content and expect nothing in return.

Regardless of your intentions, creating a channel and uploading videos is very easy and could boost your career or fame. As the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube guarantees that your content will be available to a lot of people.

However, the success of your project can be affected if you don’t pay attention to certain aspects.

To help you prevent this, here are 10 factors you must know before starting a YouTube channel

1. Set A Specific Niche And Identify Your Target Audience

Set A Specific Niche And Identify Your Target Audience

Planning is key to pretty much everything in life, and YouTube is no different. Setting a specific niche and identifying your target audience is one of the first things to do.

Keep in mind the things that people want to see but are not getting and the activities you like to do or consider yourself good at.

Take Ryan Higa’s channel, NigaHiga. He is focused on comedy and has more than 21 million subscribers. People uncertain and upload all kinds of videos, though, including gameplays, tutorials, urban exploration, food, and so on.

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2. Establish A Schedule Before Starting a YouTube Channel

Establish A Schedule Before Starting a YouTube Channel

The next step is to create your schedule so that your subscribers know how frequently they will get your video and to keep things as organized as possible on your side.

The frequency depends on your type of channel: gameplays are usually posted at least once a day. Urban explorations and Vlogs that require some research and hard work are often shared once a week.

High-quality short films are uploaded a couple of times a month.

Apart from that, consistency is essential, so it is important to keep a few extra videos ready to upload. If you could not record a new one, you can choose one of those and get away with it.

3. Get Your Equipment Ready

Get Your Equipment Ready Before starting a YouTube channel

Buying a green screen or an expensive video editor is not always necessary, especially for starters. However, the indispensable equipment everybody needs to start a YouTube channel are:

Camera: A high-quality camera or even your smartphone can be enough to start. Over time, you will see whether or not you need to get an expensive camera.

Microphone: While most cameras have built-in microphones, they are usually not enough, so getting an external record audio system is the best thing to do.

Tripod: To avoid shaky clips, you should buy a tripod.

Video Editing Software: Unless you really need a high-quality video editor, working with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe premier pro or Apple iMovie should be enough.

4. Stop Worrying About Followers Too Much

before starting a YouTube channel

Even though one of the main concerns that people have when starting a YouTube channel is getting subscribers, it is not the principal aspect to should focus on.

Followers will come eventually if you spend time promoting your channel, so you need to be both patient and consistent with your content.

That being said, YouTube is not a website for those who want to make a lot of money right away as time and consistency are essentials.

5. Learn About Your Possible Income Sources

Learn About Your Possible Income Sources

Speaking of money, several people believe that becoming a YouTuber will not only make them Internet starts but also solve their financial problems. Before you start a channel, you should know that it’s not that simple.

The most common way people make money with YouTube is YouTube Adsense, which consists of displaying ads in your videos to generate revenue.

Your earnings vary depending on: The location and demographics of your traffic, the niche of the video, the numbers of subscribers, and so on.

On average, a YouTuber can earn approximately between 3$ and 10$ per 1,000 views (or $3,000 to $10,000 for million views).

Thankfully, there are more ways for you to make money out of your videos, including advertising products yourself, speaking in public events, sponsors and even getting donations from followers.

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6. Build Your Network Before Starting a YouTube Channel

Learn About Your Possible Income Sources

Most of the time, you have to show your content to your potential audience. The best way to do so is through social media.

Getting active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before creating your YouTube channel could give you a good head start.

Once your videos are on the platform already, there is one way to attract more people to your channel: through collaborations.

Working next to a YouTuber is efficient for both parties as their audience will get to know your content and vice versa, resulting in more subscribers, popularity, and views.

7. Set Your Quality Standards And Stick To It

Set Your Quality Standards And Stick To It

Regardless of your equipment and experience, your content should meet specific quality standards so that your initial viewers come back for more. Knowing this, you have to understand that only the best shots should be included in the final cut.

Apart from that, some fragments of your videos might not be useful as they don’t keep your viewers focused. To avoid that, you have to be ready to chop them off and post only what you consider “good” based on your standards.

8. Be Ready For Negative Comments

Be Ready For Negative Comments

Regardless of your content, you will always find people who don’t like your videos. Apart from clicking the “dislike” button, they also write all kinds of negative messages in the comment section.

While some of them might help you improve, the best thing to do is knowing that you will never please everybody and stick to your goal.

9. Connect With Your Viewers

Connect With Your Viewers

Before starting a YouTube channel, you have to know that, eventually, you will have to get in touch with your viewers to have a better and more personal relationship with them. Apart from your videos, your audience should also like you.

Not only your subscribers will love to get in touch with you, but also you could get new ideas from them.

Making Q&As clips and even video calls with some of them might be more helpful than whatever you’d typically do to get inspiration.

10. Set Goals Without Comparing Yourself To Others

Set Goals Without Comparing Yourself To Others

Whenever you feel like it’s time to start your YouTube channel, establish a few actually attainable goals.

However, don’t do it based on other YouTubers because every channel is unique and what worked for somebody might not work for you.

You must make sure that your goals have:

A quantified component to let you know whether or not you reached it.

A deadline to keep you pressured but not overwhelmed.

An action you can perform and not the consequence of your activity.

For example, a good goal for starters might be: uploading eight videos (quantified component) in a month (deadline). “Upload” your clips is an action that you can do and control.

While “reaching 500 subscribers” or “making $20 this month” is a consequence that might or might not happen and you cannot control.

If you have more tips to add share it in the comments. Folkire will soon launch a YouTube channel so be ready for some mesmerizing video content.

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