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10 Products That You Should Never Buy Online


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

The fuss that online shopping has created is almost equal to the pros it brings. Buying groceries from the comfort of your couch and paying the money online, is just the perfect hack to be lazy while being responsible. But there are a few things that you should never buy online.

So, I have prepared a list of 10 things that you should never buy online with the reason why?

1. Jewelry

never buy online

Costly jewelry should be bought in a store, checking every stone and artifact attached to it. The strength of adhered pieces should be checked in a store and you are not going to have any idea about its quality if you see it online in a photo.

It is a common practice to use manipulation photography and editing skills to make the piece look bigger and shinier than it is. You cannot judge its worth before feeling it with your own hands.

2. Perfumes

never buy online

For an obvious reason that you need to smell them before buying, another biggest concern is its originality. Many local brands manufacture products with names similar to popular brands, making it easier to sell their products in the name of the original one.

The irritants cannot be tested unless you directly apply it on your skin and therefore, this becomes a bad choice for online shopping.

3. Shoes

never buy online

Fitting & size issues. Apart from the fact that different brands have different size charts and it becomes difficult to compare our shoe size to the brand’s size, the minor fixes that are needed, like in case of socks fitting or laces fitting, it becomes impossible to judge what size you need to buy in order to make it fit perfectly for you.

However, if you visit a store, you can try the shoe on, walk in it, try some socks & tie the laces and walk in them. It gives you an idea of perfect fitting and doesn’t require you to get tensed about the size of your shoe.

4. Innerwear

never buy online

Hygiene. It is typically irresponsible to buy inner wear which does not guarantee that it has not been tried before.

Inner wear, same as clothes, tend to shrink or have size issues. Moreover, it is more convenient to touch the fabric and feel its comfort before purchasing it, because it is an essential step to choose inner wear.

5. Groceries

never buy online

Quality. We cannot be sure of the quality of groceries like grains, cereals and pulses. We cannot choose the right breed based on its name when we have been habituated to hand pick them from the store.

They do not guarantee the freshness of fruits and vegetables. So it’s a fail to order groceries online.

6. Furniture

never buy online

We have no idea at all about the strength of a piece based on how it looks. Many customers have reported their issues with the durability of their furniture ordered online.

Return of furniture is a deal with a huge amount of money. So take of
buy products online.

7. Makeup

Yes, we know! Makeup is doing great in the huge online market. Makeup products have expiry too and it is not considered before shipping it to your place.

And then there is mixing up of hues and the shades you need may appear different in the photo than you need. So don’t buy products online of that sort.

8. Art Work


Try taking a photo of a colorful artifact and compare it to its original color, you will know why you should not buy art online.

The framed pieces are usually a joke for the traders because the frames are eaten up most of the time and the art is of a completely different color than you saw. So don’t end up buy products online

9. Real Estate

Real estate

Again, manipulative photography and editing can make the area look wider and more spacious than it is. It is very irresponsible to buy property things online because of the same reason.

It is very customer friendly to visit the site and purchase it, mainly because the rates are negotiable while on site rather than the fixed rates you see online.

10. Prescribed drugs

Expiry. This is the most common complain from customers who purchase their medicines online. We agree, uploading a prescription and getting your medicines delivered is an easy way, but it has high risks.

They don’t often check the expiry date before shipping it to you and that is a matter of concern with medicines. However, if you go to a medical store, it is quite convenient for you to check the expiry dates yourself.

In case you order these and they turn out to be faulty, you will have to pay shipment fee or may have to send the product yourself, which takes quite a lot of effort and money for a product you did not gain anything from.

We are sometimes in greed of buying things from a sale or at a discount from the original price, but we never understand the disadvantages of it. So try to not to buy products online, better be safe than sorry!

If you think I missed out on something or you still have a query? Drop it in a comment or write to us at [email protected].

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