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Trending YouTubers: 10 Best YouTube Channel In India


Varidhi Yadav

YouTube is the most entertaining platform and I am so happy to say that YouTube channels in India are not behind when it comes to fun, entertainment, and original content.

So, here is a list of top ten best Youtube Channel In India that you should definitely check out!

1.Nisha Madhulika

She is a real inspiration for all the housewives who have a talent, an interest that they can pursue just by sitting at home through social media.

Nisha Madhulika, a housewife who is a mother of two felt something was missing from her life and her food channel on YouTube filled that void.

And she made cooking seem such a simple thing, making tutorials for the rookies and helping people find their inner cook.

2. All India Bakchod (AIB)

Now I’m pretty sure you have heard of this channel at least once in a while. And that is because they have worldwide followers and they were the first to come up with a different style of content.

They chose to use humor in order to speak about social issues. Issues like rape, sexual assault, politics, current trending news, and whatnot.

And because they tried to cross lines at times, there have been a few cases filed against them.

3. Sandeep Maheshwari

This man is a simple entrepreneur of a company who works hard everyday just like a regular man.

But, what makes him a little more important is that he has a YouTube channel. And on this channel, he uploads inspirational videos.

Aaj Se Jeena Sikho (the channel’s name) has a bunch of videos who will motivate you to another level so that you can enjoy every minute of your life to the fullest.

4. Bhuvan Bam

This person is freaking hilarious and his basic motto is to make his audience laugh.

What is different about him is that his videos are mostly a one-man show until of course, he collaborates.

He can play different characters, be different personalities, just to make you laugh. Apart from this, he is also a great singer and he recently came up with his original and well, we can expect more of it in the future.

5. Varun Pruthi

If you do that know who this guy is, better Google him. He’s an actor. And his YouTube channel is related to the problems in India like poverty.

He gives money to the beggar he finds on the roads. Or he sees those people selling small things on the roadside like drawing books or pens and he buys them all to help them with that money.

This makes most of them really emotional and Pruthi has gone through backlash too. But despite all that, people are glued to his channel.

6. Being Indian

I personally love this channel. Being an Indian means there are a lot of things that are not talked about in public no matter how much you want to.

Probably because of the Orthodox thinking that has been passed on over generations. And this channel makes it easier for people to talk about these taboos in public.

They take opinions from people, say things that have been never said before. For example, sex or condoms or dating sites and even more. And it’s really fun to watch.

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7. Amit Bhadana

Another YouTuber with the comedy business. His basic theme is the slice of life. Things that we go through everyday, things that almost everyone can relate to.

He shows them in a funny manner. He will make you laugh while making you realize the things that happen but goes unnoticed because we are so used to them.

Currently, there are 15 Million subscribers which makes it one of the best YouTube channel in India.

8. Sanam

I’m going to say you’re lying if you say that you haven’t heard of this amazing band ever.

This is a band of four people who are really good at singing and the instruments that they decided to start a YouTube channel and well, made it a success.

They mostly cover the old Bollywood songs, like from the 80s and 90s. They make the remix, they sometimes add something from themselves.

Sanam Band also comes up with some of their originals too.

9. The Viral Fever

This Youtube channel in India has a lot of variations. They have videos of different genres. Some are funny, some are based on relationships and some are even on the trending subject.

The famous ones from this channel are Humorously Yours, Bachelors and Permanent Roommates.

They change their way of sharing the content as time changes. Basically, they keep up with the world and make sure aren’t tagged as outdated.

You can watch their latest videos and web series on their official website.

10. Technical Guruji

This channel only came like three years ago and in no time it became really famous. Gaurav Chowdhary basically makes videos about the technical things related to computers or phones or the internet.

The best part is that since he is a ‘guru’ in this department, he also takes requests from his followers in order to help them understand something about one of the fields I mentioned above.

His channel is in Hindi and really simple to understand so it will make your life easier.

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YouTube is an amazing place to explore things and visually learning or seeing things is even more entertaining than reading.

These are one of the best Youtube Channel In India who is working really hard to keep you interested in the content they have to offer.

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