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10 Life Lessons That You Can Learn From The Game Of Thrones


Varidhi Yadav

Even though the most famous series the Game of Thrones has finally ended, the show that changed so many things in this world that you can’t even imagine. It is an era-changing show and I will tell you how and what things you can learn from the Game of Thrones and implement it in your lives.

There are quite a few life lessons that you can learn from the Game of Thrones. Let’s see what wisdom it has imparted over the years.

1. Pack Survives

1. Pack Survives

Being a lone wolf gives its own sense of power but being in a pack gives a larger sense of security. It is important for every person to have their own support system.

It could be family or friends or even a group of strangers. There is only so much you can handle alone and accepting that you need support won’t make you small or weak.

2. Never Forget What You Are

2. Never Forget What You Are

We are all unique people with our unique set of abilities. Everyone is great at something but not everyone is great at everything, you can’t possibly be.

You can either be a jack of all trades or a King of one, there is no in between. So instead of wasting your time trying to like others, accept who you are before someone else uses it against you.

3. Minds Need Books

3. Minds Need Books

Experience is a great way to learn new things of course but you are not going to be in every possible situation in the world to learn new lessons through it.

Books are the best source of knowledge. You must have a habit of reading at least a little every day, that will be enough for anyone.

4. Not Today

Learn From The Game Of Thrones Not Today
Credits: StayHipp

In Game of Thrones series, it was said to the God of Death but you are not someone training to be an assassin.

You will say not today to all the negativity in your life. All the people trying to bring you down, situations that seem too difficult to get out of, failures that come your way to break you down, you take a stand and say, not today.

5. You Know Nothing

Learn From The Game Of Thrones

As much as we have laughed at this quote as an insult, it can actually work as a positive note in your life. The opposite of this is a ‘know it all’ and we all know where those people end up.

Going by the fact that you know nothing opens you up to the possibilities of learning so much more on a daily basis on an existential level.

6. There Is No Honor In Tricks

6. There is No Honor in Tricks

Integrity is everything you need to lead a successful life. Deceiving people, lying to people, tricking them into something that will help you succeed is the lowest way of living your life.

You might get everything you want but without honesty, no one will respect you. Hell, you won’t respect yourself either.

7. Break The Wheel

7. Break The Wheel

It is easy to sit on the outside of a situation and judge everything that is happening without doing anything about it yourself.

Next time, be the change you want everyone to see in others.

8. Always Pays His Debts

7. Break The 8. Always Pays His DebtsWheel

We all need help from others on multiple occasions and there is no shame in that. The help doesn’t always have to be in cash or anything like that.

Sometimes, it is all those small favors that others do for you and it is important that you always return those favors. Never owe anything to anyone to lead a happy and content life.

9. Flight Begins With Fall

9. Flight Begins With Fall
Credits: IndieWire

Ah, the regular and most important lesson that we hear every day but still manage to magically ignore it every time too.

It takes time for success to come your way. There will surely be a lot of setbacks before you find the perfect success that will satisfy everything you have ever wished for in life. Have patience.

10. Winter is Coming

Learn From The Game Of Thrones Winter is Coming
Credits: Metro

I know, winter actually is not a very fond season in this country but that is not what I will be talking about here.

Repeating something constantly means that you believe in that particular thing. You must believe that good days are on their way and that all you can have right now is patience and positivity.

These are the ten valuable lessons to Learn From The Game Of Thrones. As much as the show is intriguing, sometimes disappointing or super exciting, there is nothing that will change the way it makes you feel.

And if you hold on to this positive wisdom that it has offered then it will definitely help you a great deal in life.

Do share anything else that you learned from this amazing show in the comments.

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