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10 Do’s & Don’ts to crack a job interview!


Anjani Haripriya Vishnubhatla

To crack a job interview, first thing you need to know is that you cannot be fully prepared no matter how experienced you are. Each and every interview is a whole new experience. The main reason for this is that all interviewers are not the same.

All interviewers do not look for the same spark in the candidate. They check your confidence, knowledge and communication skills. Their job is to see how strong you are in front of not only strangers, but experienced strangers as well.

Depending on the job, you should know what they’re looking for in you. You should first prepare yourself to face the interview with a fear so youthful, they will be impressed. Although we cannot tell you exactly what questions they’re going to ask you in an interview, we can help you with how you should deliver your answers!

Follow these simple DO’s and DON’Ts to crack a job interview!


1. Dress appropriately

man in suit dressed properly

Look out for outfits which suit best for your personality. Do not overdo anything. You are in an interview, you’re not the interviewer. Let your makeup be as subtle as possible and your lipstick the nudest shade. Tie your hair and be least distracting. Boys wear descent formals. Your looks are the first impression they have about you.

2. Be comfortable

Once you enter the room, sit in a position that is most suitable for you and your outfit. Remember one thing, if they ask you more and more questions with increasing difficulty, that is if they’re grilling you inside out, they like you. They are checking your strength so, behave accordingly. Do not lose your comfort factor.

3. Get Clarity

Ask your interviewer the questions you don’t have a clarity about. Ask more about the company, their experience, what kind of work you will be doing. We will discuss this in the Don’ts section but Do not ask about salary or hike!

4. Show respect, not devotion

crack a job interview showing respect folkire

Respecting your interviewer will only keep you in their good books, showing devotion can put you out of it. The moment your respect crosses a limit and they observe it, they are not even going to take a second to realize that you are in a desperate need of this job.

5. Be confident

Always behave as if you do not need this job but the company needs you. But you need not overdo it, you can even fake your confidence but limit it to an extent where your game is safe to play for a long time. To crack a job interview you need a balance of confidence and originality.

6. Assess yourself before they do

crack a job interview assess folkire

Before entering the room, know your resume. Know what you’ve achieved to receive this job. Know if you deserve this job. This will only boost you up to crack a job interview rather than stressing you out.

7. Limit your formality

Although you are required to be formal with you interviewers, being extra formal will only create a gap between the two parties. Extend your conversation beyond the subject and tell more about yourself subtly. Talk about the things you like, your hobbies and interests.

8. Know your interviewer

Ask more questions and prolong a conversation (but be sure to be straightforward) with your interviewer. This will make you understand their style and pace of their speech, so that you can incorporate them into your personality for better connection & communication with them.

9. Be original

staying true while inteview folkire

The more you be yourself, the more they are going to like you. The reason being, when a person is on the testing side, it is easier for them to detect any kind of discomfort in the candidate. So even the slightest amount of faking from your side will get them to the other side of judgement that won’t be in your favor.

10. Research about the company

You’ll be more liked if you know at least a few important things about the company you applied for a job in. Telling a lot will make you look desperate. Mention only a few points, better if only when asked for it. Try not to show off your knowledge when its not necessary, it doesn’t leave a good impression when you want to crack a job interview.


1. Fidgeting

a man fidgeting

Making gestures marks your personality, but overdoing them will only cause the interviewer to get distracted towards your nervousness rather than your confidence. Fidgeting reflexes like shaking legs, playing with hair, biting lips, ticking a pen’s lid or any other gestures will put you in trouble when you want to crack a job interview.

2. Argue

There’s a difference between disagreeing & arguing. If you disapprove of something they say, you should say it. But not in a tone which will make them think that you’re demanding them to agree with your point. You are dealing with an interviewer, not your friends.

3. Faking

a woman faking with glasses

Worst thing you can do while trying to crack a job interview is fake your personality. Faking a smile, your voice or some even faking accent. If you be yourself, the worst thing that can happen is rejection. If you fake it, you’ll be rejected with mockery.

4. Flatter

Do not try to flatter your interviewer. Be as honest as possible. Do not attempt questions you have no idea about just as a hit and trial method. This will make you look like a joke!

5. Beat around the bush

Be straightforward. This is very essential. Corporate jobs require you to be goal-oriented and everything else is just extra luggage. Be more relevant to their question.

6. Exaggerate

crack a job interview while exaggerating

Do not exaggerate your facts or points. The only thing expected from you is answers to their questions and least required will be your opinion. So do not give your opinion without being asked for it because once they start roasting you, you will beg them to stop.

7. Tell the truth


YES! you don’t always need to speak the truth. If you have a personal or family problem keep it to yourself. He is a job interviewer and not your friend. And this is a job interview not some TV reality show. You might show yourself vulnerable and desperate for job so its better if you avoid it.

8. Be late

We know you’re confident. But this is still a point to be noted because this is a very common mistake made by candidates. We understand that the interviews are held at places sometimes far from where you live, but you are aware of the place. Be sure to arrive early at the venue, it will give you some time to interact with other candidates as well!

9. Fabricating the resume

resume writing

Companies aren’t fools to believe your resume. They have their fact & background checks before hiring you. They’re smart enough to figure out if you’ve fudged your CV, so be sure to be honest in your CV as well.

10. Negotiate

a man negotiating

What? Yes. This is too stupid to talk about, but yes! Do not ask for unrealistic salary hikes. If you deserve it, you will receive it. Moreover, an interview is definitely not the place or time to negotiate, c’mon!

The most important thing about an interview is dealing with the fear of rejection. This is not the only company in the world, believe in yourself! If you are rejected, this will be an experience for you. If you are selected, this will be a better experience for you.

So you can thank us later! 😉 And if you are still in college and dealing with internships, read our other article.

There are a lot many points that needs to be covered to crack a job interview but these are a few common ones. If you thing we missed out any important point, feel free to write us at [email protected] or visit our Post page.


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