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10 Best Home Workout Apps You Must Have To Stay Healthy


Umang Dayal

Having an assistant to your enthusiasm for health is an asset and as well as a necessity. And considering the phone as an all-time companion to a human these days, how about using these best home workout apps to stay healthy and motivated every day.

Remember, being healthy and fit requires constant efforts and determination. This is what these health & fitness apps so good at.

I’m going to list down 10 best home workout apps for you to use

1. Aaptiv

Aaptiv app

Rated 3.7 on play store. It has 2500+ audio lectures led by professionals whose basic motto is to motivate.

This fitness app also creates a perfect playlist that will go with your rhythm while working out and with the songs, you already know and love. It has a variety of categories including running, elliptical, strength, yoga and much more.

The app also includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help you train effectively whether it’s for gaining muscles or losing weight. Finally, the app will also help you track the calories burnt effectively.

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2. Google fit

Google fit app

Rated 3.8 on play store. After a nice discussion with the World Health Organization (WHO) and American Heart Association (AHA), the application has come to the conclusion that the two most important activities for great health are Move minutes and Heart points.

Move minutes are the minutes you earn with each step. This keeps you motivated to move more and sit less. Heart points make you get your heart rate pumped up for better health. So track everything, monitor your goals and make it count.

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3. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio app

Rated 4.3 on play store. You can turn any place into a studio with this fitness app. You can create your own playlist full of videos of yoga lessons given by the professionals.

And download them too, in case you don’t have WiFi. Yoga classes are properly divided into categories considering which part of your body you want to focus on.

Also, if you want yoga to relax or for strength or for flexibility. You can choose between lecture lengths too, which vary from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Perfect for beginners and awesome for professionals.

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4. Lifesum

Lifesum fitness app

Rated 4.4 on play store. It’s the perfect app for what you should eat for different purposes such as muscle gain or weight loss. It has a food diary where you can log what food you ate.

But the best part is that it has great health food recipes, simple to follow and with proper steps so you can prepare them easily.

You can also fill in preferences so the app can create the perfect food plans for you- low carb, high protein, whatever you ask for. And of course the calorie counter so you can keep your intake in proper check.

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5. Sleep cycle

Sleep cycle fitness app

Rated 4.5 on play store. This is one of the best home workout apps because it tracks your personal sleep schedule, it doesn’t force you to sleep for a particular time.

It makes sure that your body is properly relaxed and has a good night’s sleep. It also has a smart alarm clock which will automatically wake you up when it thinks that you have had enough sleep, okay kidding!

Well, obviously according to your sleep schedule. It tracks all your sleep phases through the movements while you are sleeping and doesn’t bother you when you are in your deep sleep so that you are well-rested when you wake up.

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6. HealthifyMe

Healthifyme app

This app is rated 4.6 on the play store. I personally use and recommend this application. It has a really, really wide range of food options with how many calories it consists of so that you can make a wise choice with your meals.

You can also put in your height and weight and according to your BMI, you can create a goal you need to reach in a particular time.

Also, if there is some food that isn’t included in the app and you feel like it can help others, you too can add it to the app. With the premium version, you can also get your personal coach.

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7. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app

Rated 4.6 on play store. This fitness app also helps you to track your calorie intake from various food. You can simply track barcodes to track your food. It has over 4 freaking million barcodes you can scan for an easy way.

There are also restaurants menu so you can just search for the one you’re at and log in the exact food with the exact calories.

It will also learn your food pattern and help you make better choices in case you need one. It also includes a workout section where it has various suggestions and you can track your workout to see how many calories you burnt and how much you need to burn in the future.

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8. 7 minute workout

7 minute fitness apps

Rated 4.6 on play store. Yes, you can make a huge difference within 7 minutes. It is scientifically proven that a couple of 7 minutes workout a day can help you lose weight, tone your body, improve cardiovascular functions.

Every workout on this fitness app is based on high-intensity circuit training (HICT) which is proven to be the safest, most effective way to improve your muscular and aerobic fitness. The routines go with 12 exercises in each category which are to be completed in thirty seconds.

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9. Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness)

Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness) app logo

Rated 4.6 on play store. This is one of the Best Home Workout Apps. It consists of a lot of exercises specified according to every part of your body. Just choose the part and it will present you with all the exercises you possibly need.

It also tells you how much you need to push without stressing yourself way too much. Well, basically the application acts as your own personal trainer.

It has both the categories, beginners and pros so you can choose your preference. Not just the home workout, but also the complete gym workout sessions you can ask for. Start training and transform your body with this amazing fitness app.

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10. Calm

Calm workout fitness app

Rated 4.6 on play store. This is the Best Home Workout Apps out there for all fitness enthusiasts. Do you know why? Because you all focus on how much you can work out and how much better you can eat every day but you forget to focus on how much rest you need to take?

This app assists you with meditation and a good night’s sleep helping you to decrease anxiety issues and lower your stress level on a daily basis. Sleep Stories, breathing programs and relaxing music anything you need.

So all you gym enthusiasts out there and the ones who want to get healthy but don’t know where to start or aren’t consistent, I strongly recommend you to use the above app.

These are some of the best home workout apps that can keep you motivated all times. The best part of tracking things and using these apps is that if you leave, it turns into a disappointment which is why you try to keep up, every day.

Which are the best home workout apps according to you? Let me know in the comments below.

A healthy body is always rented not owned, it requires regular investment, time and determination.

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