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10 Amazing Apps To Help You Crack MBA Exams


Varidhi Yadav

I know how hard it is to prepare for some toughest MBA exam. And it’s equally difficult to keep your smartphone away while preparing for them.

No wonder why parents always scold us when we use our smartphones while studying. What if I told you, you can do both, prepare while using your smartphone?

There are some amazing apps to help you crack MBA exams and you don’t have to leave your smartphone alone from now on.

Therefore, I’m going to list the top 10 applications to help your crack your MBA exams.

10. MBA Exam preparation – TCY

This app is rated as 3.8 on play store. It provides you with practice tests for MBA entrances such as CAT,  MAT,  XAT, NMAT, CMAT, etc. including every category from Quant and reasoning to verbal ability and general knowledge. You can also create a customizable test for yourself in which you can cover your weak categories and focus on them rather than going through all of it again.

Play Store


This app is rated 3.9 on play store. It provides gives you a knowledge of every section separately. It consists of video lectures for Quant concepts. A separate vocab section to get your vocabulary stronger. And an essay writing section to improve your writing skills.

The only setback I found in this app is that it is absolutely free for T.I.M.E. students and the others can only access certain content for free, the rest they have to pay for.

Play Store

8. CAT Wordlist

This app is rated 4.0 on play store. It specializes in the vocabulary section consisting of 4800+ words ranging from easy to most difficult ones. You can learn all those different words after which the app also provides you with a test according to your vocabulary history making sure that you remember it all.

Plus it saves the test and scores which in a way encourages you to always score better than the last time and keep a track of your performance. And the best part is that this app doesn’t limit to crack MBA exam. It can also help you with various other exams.

Play Store


This app is rated 4.0 on play store. This app has 8500+ questions with perfectly detailed answers so you are never left confused. The free version of this app only has three chapters and three tests in each category.

But the premium version of 900 INR consists of unlimited tests and lectures about everything. The application completely works offline except the downloading part. This is one of the best app in order to crack your MBA entrance exams conveniently.

Play Store

6. TestFunda – MBA, BANK Test prep

This app is rated 4.1 on play store. An interesting application when it comes to preparing to crack an MBA exam. The makers of this application have used the technology good enough to make the preparation process fun for you.

They have options such as tips of the day, question of the day, puzzle of the week and daily RC passage to make sure you don’t lose your link to your preparation progress. It has a wide range of test series as well to help you see how prepared you are and how much more you need to work.

Play Store

5. CAT 2018 Entrance Exam Prep

This app is rated 4.4 on play store. This app too consists of about 5000 questions including all the sections of an exam such as data interpretation, reading comprehension, etc. It has several mock tests for you and it gives absolutely instant results so that you can tally all your answers, see what you’re strong and weak in and work accordingly.

The best thing about this app is that although it’s called CAT ‘2018’, it consists of all the latest questions and patterns possible to keep you prepared for the next difficulty level.

Play Store

App Store

4. PrepGuru- Mock test online & exam prep

This app is rated 4.4 on play store. The app consists of 250,000 plus questions from different competitive exams including the MBA entrance exam in Hindi and in English, whatever suits you the best.

This app too covers all sections of the exam without fail and considering the range of question, it gives you the confidence of being able to crack your MBA entrance exam with a constant practice. It will keep you better prepared and even reduce that test anxiety making you even more confident.

3. CATability

This app is rated 4.6 on play store. This is one of the best apps considering it is an online preparation app that provides you with a wide range of methods to make you absolutely sure that you will crack your MBA entrance exam. It consists of three sets of tests- daily live tests, topic wise tests, and grand tests, with a performance tracker to help you see if you’re going uphill or downhill.

It also has a social wall where you can post your doubts and questions which will be answered in detail by professionals. And the app also notifies you when a new set of questions are available and you can check them immediately.

2. BYJU’s Learning App

This app is rated 4.7 on play store. The app consists of professionals who have achieved around 100 percentile in the past exams. The best feature in this application is the graphical representation of the categories you are strong and weak in helping you focus on what should be your priority.

This app also has warm up, run and sprint modes. No, you don’t actually have to run. It’s the questions keeping your excitement and interest intact.

Play Store

App Store

1. MBA Study App

crack mba exams mba study app

This app is rated 4.8 on the play store making it the best to help you crack your MBA entrance exam. The app helps you understand even the most difficult concepts in the most simple words to keep you interested and to decrease your stress level while reading all those confusing words and sentences.

It gives you a readymade set of all kind of notes, lecture notes and study material for every subject. All you need to do is read everything with focus and keep giving mock tests to see how much better you’re getting with every test they provide.

All of the above applications can help you crack your MBA entrance exam without any hesitation. Now, all you have to do is work hard and convince your parents that you are really studying from your smartphone.

If you prepare with all your dedication and assistance of these amazing applications, you can absolutely ace your exam with remarkable percentile and zero anxiety.

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An MBA entrance exam is certainly hard to crack. However by making use of the latest software applications for MBA entrance exam, enough training can be gained to get through it successfully and get entrance into a prestigious university, offering top quality management course training. Download these apps right away to find out what questions are most likely to come in the question paper.


Thanks for the information. Visual learning has always been easier to understand compared to textbook learning. Online learning has become very popular over the years, as we can see many websites and apps are coming up with innovative ideas to teach students in an easy and efficient way. The best part about online learning is you can enhance your skills by seeking multiple courses at a time